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Uncle Ted proudly supports what he believes in. You can be Ted’s BloodBrother by helping support these deserving charities and organizations. Check 'em out and see how you can get involved!

kampforkidsLogoKamp for Kids

The youth of today are the FUTURE OF AMERICA and will determine the fate of conservation and outdoor sports, including hunting.

There's only one Ted Nugent and there's only one Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids! Often imitated, never equaled—there's only one true TNKFK!

2014 Kamp for Kids! It's a full day of outdoor fun including: archery, airguns, fishing, trapping, wildlife calls, outdoor survival and first aid. All kampers leave with fishing pole and a tackle box full of stuff! Lunch and a t-shirt are also included.

Please visit the "2014 Details" tab below for further information.

Basic Info

Your chance to Give The Love OF Bowhunting And Archery To A Child… A Love That Will Start With Their First Bullseye, And Never End…

About Kamp for Kids…

Ted Nugent Kamp for kids was founded by Ted in 1990. The primary goal is to get kids out of the malls and off the streets, away form drugs and crime, into the woods and in touch with the natural healing powers of the wild. It’s where we belong, and the best place to teach a child morals and ethics, and out roll as caring humans in life’s cycles to manage and respect the wild life around us.

Kamp sessions are a three-day-weekend, outdoor class-format adventure. Each child, age 11 to 15, is to show proper archery shooting skills, learns hunters safety and ethics, survival skills, and participates in hands-on nature studies and a nature walk. As always TED will make an appearance to present the kids an upbeat pro-hunting, anti-drug lecture and musical performance.

How YOU Can Help…

You can send your own child, or you can sponsor a child, who would be interested in learning more about the natural world and his/her role in the game of life.

You can donate your time, or products to Kamp. We are always in need of funds to help reduce the cost for the kampers. Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. Thanks to our 100% volunteer staff, all proceeds directly benefit the kids.

Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids Statement of Purpose

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and more particularly:

  • To establish, to maintain, and to operate a summer camp for youth, emphasizing nature appreciation, woodloar, wildlife habits, conservation, archery instruction and hunter safety education.
  • To work with anti-drug programs to provide young people with a healthy, positive alternative to illicit drug use by promoting the ethical and responsible utilization of our natural resources.
  • To organize groups, emphasizing young people, to assist with conservation projects such as habitat preservation, tree plantings, and stream clean-ups.
  • To promote awareness, education, and implementation of wildlife conservation practices through proper habitat and management principals.

Randy S. Krick – Coordinator
Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids

Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids 3-D and fundraising guide lines

  1. For all 3-D events and any other fund raising events or donations contact Gregg Bukowski @ 517-892-0200.
  2. All 3-D events or information for donations, send Gregg Bukowski a self addressed stamped envelope to receive guide lines and call him to receive conformation of the event.>
  3. Any event that raises money for Ted Nugent Kamp for kids (TNKFK) cannot be advertised as a TNKFK event. It has to be billed as an event to “raise money for TNKFK,” which is in itself a very noble cause.
  4. The host orginization cannot make a profit from the use of the TNUSA name. The host orginization is responsible for all the costs incurred putting on an event. This includes but is not limited to, advertising, promotion, and execution of the event. They may recover there cost, but all of the profit must go to TNKFK.
  5. Fund raising personnel must be neet and clean, and use language that is appropriate for a family setting.
  6. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Any one who appears to be under the influence of these substances will not be permitted to participate.
  7. Only family oriented vendors, who portray a wholesome image should be allowed to participate. Vendors selling lewd paraphernalia are not acceptable.
  8. Tabacco products are not to be sold at TNKFK events. If held indoors they should be held non-smoking!
  9. All profits from these events must be turned in to Gregg Bukowski immediately. Any other profits (like putting out a fish bowl) aside from the main fund raiser also need to be turned in at the same time. DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY PROCEEDS INTO A PERSONAL ACCOUNT, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!Instead, obtain a money order made out to Ted Nugent Camp for Kids and send it to Gregg Bukowski, TNKFK Donations Coordinator Commitee 2415 26th St. Bay City, MI. 48708. Also include what type of event was held, how many participated, what was the total amount of money taken in. Then include a list of expenses or any out going money so we can keep it on file. If merchandise has been donated for the event (such as a 3-D target) send a list of what was donated, by who and the retail value of the merchandise.
  10. TNKFK officials and TNUSA officials have an obligation to follow these rules in order for TNKFK to remain a non-profit orginization. We retain the right to change or amend these rules as we deem necessary.