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“Wild” Mick Brown

Mick“Wild” Mick is a thirty-year, co-founding member of Dokken, a band whose legend loomed large in the decadent decade simply known as ”The Eighties”. Mick has been keeping the beat for the Motor City Madman since the summer of 2005 during the Unleash the Beast tour.

Recently the wildman picked up the drumming duties for ’70s era supergroup, Montrose. So musically speaking, Mick’s plate is full and he couldn’t be in any better company.

If you’ve seen “Wild” Mick live or listened to his music, you’ll be quick to notice that not only is he a gifted, rockin’ drummer, he also really enjoys what he does.

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Greg Smith

greg2Greg Smith has been the grinding low end and backing vocals for Ted Nugent since 2007. Ted is gracious enough to let Greg handle the vocals on a few of his famous love songs as well. Greg has also toured and recorded with artists such as Alice Cooper, Dokken, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Alan Parsons, Tommy James, and Wendy O Williams to name a few. Greg is always electrified by playing with Ted and Mick and always looks forward to touring.

“Between Ted’s and Mick’s energy alone, you could light up Mexico!! Oh and by the way.. Mick DOES NOT Snowboard!! His sport is bus surfing with a Jim Beam and Coke!” – Greg Smith

Greg is ecstatic to be playing with Ted and lovin every minute of the ride!

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Derek St. Holmes

Derek St. Holmes is an American musician and rock and roll legend best known as the vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the Ted Nugent Band. Derek was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1953 and received his first guitar on his eleventh birthday. He spent the next eight years of his life playing gigs in his Riverview neighborhood and perfecting his craft.

derekIn 1974, Ted Nugent discovered Derek when his band, Scott, opened for the Amboy Dukes show at the Lincoln Park Theatre. A short time later, Ted called upon Derek to audition as his lead singer.

The new Ted Nugent Band was launched embarked on an extensive U.S. tour traveling and performing nearly 300 days per year playing with bands such as Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynrd, Bob Seger, Van Halen, and more. He remained in Ted’s Band until 1978. At that time, his career expanded to include albums and performances with bands St. Paradise, Whitford/St. Holmes Michael Schenker Group, and Grand Funk Railroad.

In 1995, Derek and Ted again joined forces to write Atlantic records’ Spirit of the Wild.

Throughout the early 2000’s Derek continued to write and record rock & roll music and tour with The Derek St. Holmes Band. His Then and Now CD is a highly acclaimed rock music collection. Derek has also teamed up with guitar maker and dear friend, Paul Reed Smith, to co-write and produce The Paul Red Smith Band CD. Derek still performs with Paul and his band for charity and promotional events. He also performs nationally with his Nashville based band, Derek St. Holmes and The Originals. In 2009, Classic Rock Magazine named Derek the #1 Unsung Lead Singer in Rock and Roll History in its Top 50 Poll.

In the last three years Derek has been making guest appearances with Ted Nugent and his band in major cities throughout the US. These appearances were received with such insane energy and success that Ted invited Derek to rejoin his band in April 2011.

Derek resides in both Nashville, Tennessee and Annapolis, Maryland. He is engaged to fashion designer/business woman Shelley Sarmiento. He has three children, two step-children and two grandchildren.

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