Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees


Journey to the Center of the Mind

Uncle Ted might be famous for his straight-edge lifestyle now, but with The Amboy Dukes he created music directed towards a more alternative lifestyle. The title of the album alludes to using hallucinogenic drugs to expand one’s mind, but Ted claims he had no idea! Drugs aside, this album produced by Bob Shad — the producer best known for his work in the jazz genre — is sure to please. Hard-hitting and psychedelic, this record is bursting at the seams with intricate and fascinating guitar stylings. Unlike some of the other lighter psychedelic fare of the 1960s, this album packs a punch!

Released: Record Label: Mainstream
Release Date: April 1968

  • 1. Mississippi Murderer
  • 2. Surrender to Your Kings
  • 3. Flight Of The Byrd
  • 4. Scottish Tea
  • 5. Dr. Slingshot
  • 6. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  • 7. Ivory Castles
  • 8. Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than A Orange
  • 9. Missionary Mary
  • 10. Death Is Life
  • 11. Saint Philips Friend
  • 12. I’ll Prove I’m Right
  • 13. Conclusion