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Adios Mofo ’23 Tour Photos

July 27, 2023

Check out some recent photos from Ted’s Adios Mofo Tour!!!   Ted Nugent, Jason Heartless (drums), & Johnny Shoen (bass)

June 13, 2023

PRE-ORDER NOW! Ted Nugent – Fred Bear EP ~ SIGNED Vinyl by TED NUGENT This all new Vinyl EP communicates the 35th Anniversary of the passing of the iconic bowhunter Fred Bear and the release of the iconic Ted Nugent...

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April 18, 2023

Ted has announced that his 2023 summer tour will be his last! You DO NOT want to miss it!!! Dangerzone VIP packages are ON SALE NOW!!! More tour dates have been added to the chart below! For all dates, venues and...

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Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire Podcast!!!

January 5, 2023

Open honest uninhibited uncensored communication is the key to knowledge and quality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I celebrate that full-time on my Spirit Campfire Podcast on Real America Voice!
Join me for full on truth logic and commonsense!

Limited Edition SIGNED Boxset

November 18, 2022

In honor of the reissue of vinyl release of the 1995 Ted Nugent album, Spirit of The Wild, Ted Nugent and Sound City Records have released a limited edition SIGNED boxset with reproductions of promo memorabilia from the original release!!...

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Not All Deerhunting Is The Same

December 8, 2021

NOT ALL DEERHUNTING IS THE SAME by Ted Nugent My binoculars confirmed the distant movement as a much-anticipated whitetail deer. Upon close examination, it was identified as a fawn buttonbuck of the year. Even in the historical hard pressured deerwoods...

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I Love You

November 30, 2021

I LOVE YOU by Ted Nugent Love makes the world go round; So they say. And in many ways, I am sure that it does. Within our core innercircle family lives, I am sure nothing is more-true, but as hunters,...

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyday America

November 25, 2021

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYDAY AMERICA By: Ted Nugent If I’m not mistaken (an extremely rare occurrence) I have written and published a Happy Thanksgiving piece every year for more than 30 years, and I’m raring to do it again, because giving...

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Pre-Order New Album ‘Detroit Muscle’

November 16, 2021

Ted Nugent’s new album ‘Detroit Muscle’ is now available for pre-order! Get your CD, Vinyl or Bundle at the link below! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER The latest single from the album ‘Come And Take It’ is out now and available...

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Back To Texas

November 11, 2021

BACK TO TEXAS By: Ted Nugent Well that was a spirit dazzling 70-day bowhunting whirlwind, was it not! My landrush race to huntseason 2021 was as exciting, if not moreso, then any huntseason in my 73 years! I do believe...

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Happy Birthday Grandson Jack

November 5, 2021

By: Ted Nugent HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDSON JACK Today is my wonderful grandson Jack’s 19th birthday, and on this very special November 5 fall day during this very special time of year, this here old grandpa celebrates his grandson’s birthday in...

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The Time is NOW!!

November 2, 2021

By: Ted Nugent THE TIME IS NOW!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! The good Lord in deerhunting heaven has thrown the Gonzo DeerSwith and all venison hell is breaking loose in the American deerwoods! Scrapes, scrapes and...

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Triple Arrow Threesome!

October 28, 2021

By: Ted Nugent TRIPLE ARROW THREESOME! Hunches are beautiful things! Never underestimate a spontaneous, knee-jerk instinctual hunch when it comes to making a hunting decision on the fly. I had just hosted a killer weekend with my good friends and...

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Every Arrow

September 30, 2021

By: Ted Nugent EVERY ARROW We are on our way! The ritual fall games have indeed begun and the gentlemen have started their spirit engines with much aplomb! Arrows are flyin and critters are dyin, and the Great Spirit of...

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Aim Small Miss Small

September 16, 2021

By: Ted Nugent AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Breathing is good, especially if you want to execute a finely tuned, timed, properly controlled accurate arrow shot on a critter. I don’t know about you, but when on stand and a desirable...

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Details Details Details

September 9, 2021

By: Ted Nugent DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS Dear Uncle Ted; the daily communications always start off from people all across America and beyond asking the old guitarjamming backstrapdaddy a plethora of questions about my gungho Spirit of the Wild hunting lifestyle and every imaginable activity associated with it. It’s pretty darn special to have such vast communications about the things I am most passionate about! Though I’m pretty sure we can all agree I’m no Fred Bear when it comes to masterful hunting, I nonetheless have been blessed to connect with herds of humanity due to my big mouth and extremely contagious celebration of truth, logic, commonsense and my constant lifetime passionate promotion of the powerful healing properties of hands-on nature participation. Add to that credential the fact that I actually got my hunting education from the absolute best of the best like Fred Bear, and I certainly am qualified to pass on the wisdom and knowledge that I sponged from the masters. Since hunting has been around since the dawn of man, the tradition and lessons and proven strategies of successful reasoning predatorship have been handed down generation after generation. Though there are many entrenched basics for venison procurement 101, hunting nonetheless will always be hunting, always extremely challenging, and even when all the time proven strategies are implemented along with all the neverending technological advancements, there are still no guarantees when it comes to right place right time critter ambushing.

USCCA Overview

August 26, 2021

The USCCA is a national organization that provides training, education, and self-defense liability insurance for nearly 550,000 members across the United States. Our members receive access to industry-leading self-defense education, virtual and real-world instruction from our experts, and legal protection supported by our critical response team and attorney network as part of their membership.


August 18, 2021

By: Ted Nugent You feel it don’t you! A burning, powerhouse throbbing deep in our souls! As summer throttles on, our spiritual radar is picking up super strong signals all around us, and as hunters in the modern world, we know exactly what to do with these signals. The primal scream is alive and well as long as we pay attention. As we witness the inescapable ugly results of a society inexcusably further disconnecting from the natural world around them, and the self-preservation instincts associated with it, we can rejoice our eternal participation and reverence for the natural world and its soul cleansing healing powers. We can’t wake-up everybody in the world, but we sure can alert the people in our lives how critically important a role the natural world plays in ultimate quality of life. The spirit of the woods is like an old, good friend. It makes us feel warm and good inside!


August 9, 2021

By: Ted Nugent AUGUST! Say Hallelujah like you mean it! Another month down and another month closer to our glorious, long awaited, need it more than ever fall season-O-harvest! You do realize that a whole herd of gungho dedicated hunters around the world are already hard at it, don’t you! I’m getting photos daily from my SpiritWild backstrap buddies with big grins and hands full of big old California blacktails, Florida whitetails, hogs and gators, Alaskan and Canadian bighorn sheep, mountain goats, Texas rams and various exotics, African game of every imaginable species, and of course fish, fish and more fish as summertime 2021 throttles on towards our beloved autumn. I’ve tried valiantly to arrow one of the many exotics we celebrate here in Texas, but amazingly have been skunked every time and time again. How can that be when exotic hunting is a fish in the barrel kind of thing! Cuz it aint, that’s why!

Ultimate Resource Management

June 30, 2021

By: Ted Nugent Clearly, the jury is not still out when it comes to wildlife management 101. The inescapable proof and universal evidence of why game animals are thriving in America and elsewhere today is a direct result of the simplest of science; habitat management, its carrying capacity and the sustain yield annual valued harvest of the surplus. Placing real world value on habitat protection, improvement, enhancement and overall management along with the monitoring of wildlife productivity is a virtual guarantee that these wonderful natural wildlife resources will thrive forevermore. We the people in the hunting/conservation world can all rejoice and be exceedingly proud of such an accomplishment in a world that rarely does the right thing whenever government bureaucrats get involved. We’ve succeeded in spite of them so far. These wildlife resources are truly precious and mean the world to nature lovers everywhere, which is why they remain in the asset column when bureaucrats get out of our way and let truth, logic, science and common sense guide our policies. Usually. When I say usually, it is because it is unfortunately not always the case.

The Simple Things Are The Best Things

June 24, 2021

By: Ted Nugent           A tin of sardines with saltine crackers on a cold fall afternoon around a warming campfire in the Yukon. A makeshift coniferous shelter from a cold rain on the banks of a babbling brook in Alaska. Buddies laughing and swapping stories at the buckpole on a family farm in November. Dragging a son’s and/or daughter’s first deer out of the woods together. The unrivaled thrill of hearing the glorious words; “Here he is over here!!” The delicious, overpowering aroma of thick-cut slab bacon sizzling at 3am on opening morning. Sitting in a tree during a snowstorm. The first hunt with dad. The last hunt with dad.