Backstraps Earned-The Hunt Secured

October 20, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Rejoice another splendid morning in my favorite Michigan deerwoods, and the spirit soared on high. Acorns were falling, turkeys were yelping, squirrels were running amok and the orgy of glistening fall colors surrounding me cleansed my soul and made me very, very happy.

The lap of God is one of my favorite places to rest.

But no deer. I had waited a full two weeks into the season to hit this historically target rich swamp edge ridge where many a handsome critter have fallen to my arrows for more than 40 years. But alas! Right place right time will always trump clever strategizing and otherwise well laid out bowhunting ambush plans.

With the last sip of hot joe from my thermos, I prepared to dismantle the SpiritWild video camera from its ladderstand perch and begin the gear gathering rituals calling it a morning.

Then the welcome flutter flutter flutter wing beating sounds of descending wild turkeys stopped me cold as four big longbeards landed thirty yards to my right.

OhBoy! Here we go!

Of course knowing the omniscience of wild turkeys gave me pause as to how the heck I would get an arrow off to my right, get the vidcam rolling and kill a thunderchicken with four feathered radar maniacs so close.

But if this old sneaky bowhunter has learned one thing in 60 plus years of bowhunting, it’s how to move invisibly schnookered within the shadows of my well concealed leafy perch.

Game On!

Miraculously, like some Samurai predator, I pulled off the bowhunting miracle, got the record button pushed, aimed the camera in the general vicinity of the four toms, smoothly came to fulldraw and sent my mystical flight of the Thanksgiving arrow deadcenter through the big bird.

The dead on his feet gobbler sprinted forty yards up the woodland slope and tumbled dead as a doornail in about 4 seconds.

Lord have mercy!

Gathering my gear and prize, I raced back to the cabin where I was scheduled to conduct a flurry of media interviews promoting God, family, country, freedom, law and order and the perfection of our hands-on hunting lifestyle to a few million people around the world.

With the fiery adrenalin still coursing through my free American veins from the high of the morning hunt, my truth, logic, commonsense passion was inescapable over the airwaves and internet.

Completing my morning media blitz, performing my household chores and preparing for the evening hunt, I decided to make my beloved dogs happy with a fun duck hunt on our little pond.

Killing two handsome woodies and a hefty mallard before we knew it, I hung the waterfowl prizes in the cooler with my tom turkey, kenneled, fed and watered the tired hounds, swapped shotgun for Mathews bow and hauled ass to the south marsh treestand for the last hour of light.

With a solid southeast breeze whipping the firestorm of fall colors heather and yon, I settled in for a last ditch try for another whitetail.

Well, God must have been happy with my activities of the day, for He sent two huge swampdonkey does my way within a few short minutes, and boy was I ready to rock.

As usual, these whitetails on the Nugent hunting grounds were maniacally alert and crazy cautious with every slow, careful, deliberate step they made as they headed my way.

The lead doe made a wide circle in the reedgrass to get my wind while the 2nd doe bobbed and weaved at thirty yards watching her partner check the place out.

Before I even thought about it, my sightpin was painted square on her shoulder quartering slightly toward me when the Levi Morgan Swhacker broadhead blasted clean through her and all hell broke loose.

My light 48 pound draw Mathews VXR is so quiet that the sound of the arrow penetrating the big deer was the only sound heard, and as the lead doe stretched her neck to watch her mortally wounded sidekick deathrun into the marsh, my 2nd arrow was already on its mystical way slamming a scary sharp all plastic Cold Steel broadhead clean through her shoulder as she exploded in the opposite direction.

Holy Mother of deerhunting God! What just happened? What kind of day did I just have? What amazing bowhunting dream just unfolded in rapid succession on what was to be the most exciting bowhunting day of my life?

The recovery, photos, dragging, hauling, gutting, hanging rituals had a life of their own, and I can honestly say October 13, 2020, was truly an out of body event for me.

Now, as I smash my laptop keyboard joyously sharing this exciting day of bowhunting with my American Spirit BloodBrothers, I am 30,000 feet up jetting from Dallas Texas back to our Michigan hunting cabin after a fullday with Donald Trump Jr, Jeff Foxworthy, Michael Waddell, Mrs. Nugent, Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark and Outdoor/Sportsman Channel CEO Jim Libertore where we debuted the great pro-hunting feature film The Harvest and conducted a killer TV talkshow presentation promoting the do or die movement of to fireup the largest conservative army of God, family, country, freedom voters on earth; the American licensed hunter army.

Yesterday we held a great rally in Selma, North Carolina doing the same thing.

The next day I performed a firebreathing, passion and emotion dripping National Anthem at the Donald Trump rally in Muskegon Michigan, gearing up for more rallies in Michigan, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Yes, it is the sacred, much anticipated hunting season. And yes, I want to hunt every day. But much more important than any single day of hunting or any hunting season is the ongoing, never ending battle to safeguard and ensure all future hunting seasons, and freedom itself, by defeating the Marxist enemies of America that are gungho dedicated to end everything we believe in and America stands for.

We are rallying the conservative troops to fight back with the most powerful weapon in the history of free men; The Vote!

I earned those turkey and duck breasts and venison backstraps by practicing hard all year, scouting diligently and putting to work all the lessons of the wild from a lifetime of bowhunting.

But the real investment that earned that glorious day of hunting has been my nonstop We the People activism promoting and celebrating the perfection of hands-on conservation in defiance of those who hate everything we do and everything we stand for.

October 2020 is coming to a close, and the spectacular hunting month of November is nearly upon us. There is still time. Plenty of time to hunt, but just one day to shootdown the enemies of hunting and freedom with the powerhouse firepower of THE VOTE!

Rally the troops in your life. Get everybody you know to make the pledge to perform the most important duty of an American. Spread the word that is the place to go to make the pledge to be a positive We the People force to reckon with and vote those powerhouse core American traditional family values of God, family, country, freedom, the hunting lifestyle.

Our hunting lifestyle is on the ballot. Our freedom to worship is on the ballot. Our right to keep and bear arms is on the ballot. Freedom of speech is on the ballot. Law and order is on the ballot.  Self-defense is on the ballot. Secure borders is on the ballot. Constitutional accountability is on the ballot.

The future of America is on the ballot.

We can do this. An army of voting hunters is the last hope. Defeat the enemies of America. Vote to hunt forever.