I Just Wanna Go Huntin

March 19, 2018 | « back

by Ted Nugent

“I was always different, nobody understood. I didn’t play follow the leader, cuz I was always in the woods.

They hadn’t invented peer pressure yet, seems I stood alone. But My daddy had a vision; love, family and a home.

Punks used to laugh at me, said how can you rock and not get high?

But I just stood my ground and I watched those punks fall and die!

Cuz I just wanna go huntin. It makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods!

Things get a little crazy, in this day and age. The concrete jungle warfare got everybody in a rage.

I sure like rock and danger, and I love my rock-n-roll. When I get my limit, I know just where to go.

I jump into four-wheel drive, load up the dogs and the family. I’m gonna feel alive, with the wildlife where I can breathe!

And I just wanna go huntin. Makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods.

I’m slippin away, lookin for a new sunrise. I’m feelin ok, times like this makes me healthy and wise!

I just wanna go huntin. Makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods.

God told me in the bible, He said “Go ahead and whackem Ted!”

So I take my kids huntin, so I don’t have to hunt for my kids!

I just wanna go huntin, it makes that feeling last.

And if you don’t like my huntin, then you can kiss my ….!

I’m slippin away, I’m feelin OK. Feelin better everyday. I gotta get away. Headin for a brand new day. Far, far away………..”

Now that’s a lovesong, chillin’!

That little ditty came balzing out of me with a life of its own way back around 1989, long, long ago!

I don’t really write songs, I simply channel the music from deep within, stream of consciousness, unbridled torrent of spirituality if you will, much like a perfect, 2nd nature mystical flight of the arrow when everything is perfecto.

Sitting around one of my gazillion campfires of yore with an acoustic guitar within easy reach, the earthly dynamics of a gungho hunting lifestyle will unleash and manifest with a life of their own if one’s soul has been adequately and fully cleansed by the Great Spirit of the Wild!

Of course a steady diet of hard earned backstraps is the clincher!

I think that particular song came to life around a very special Michigan swamp campfire on a day where my good hunting BloodBrother, baseball legend and die-hard bowhunter Kirk Gibson and I worked with the Detroit Police Department to bus a bunch of inner MotorCity kids out to my farm for a soul cleansing day of tree planting, archery, BB gun competition, nature adventure, wildlife identification, fishing and campfire fun.

These kids had never been fishing before much less ventured beyond the concrete jungle pavement.

I was born and raised in Detroit myself, but lucky, lucky me, my dad was a bowhunter and he taught me the ways of the wild. Even right there in the Detroit city limits, I had endless wildgrounds along the mighty River Rouge to explore and stalk critters with my trusty little bow and arrow, homemade slingshot and Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.

Without that important parental direction and critical discipline, we can clearly see where America’s youth went bad.

These city kids were extremely resistant to our outdoor guidance and activities at first, but once they shot that first arrow, felt the tug of a fishing line, and roasted marshmallows over an open fire that they helped create, the transition was undeniable, powerful and effervescent.

That life changing moment had a lot to do with the creation of our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids 501C3 non-profit charity, and in 29 years we have witnessed the life changing glow of more than 16,000 kids from across America come to cherish the Spirit of the Wild.

Some of the parents of our recent Kampers were some of the first youngsters we hosted way back then.

Amazing ain’t it!

Just the other day, I again took my guitar to a nearby High School and did a presentation of hunting music and speech to a hundred or so young Americans that had the same impact it had 30 years ago.

Music is surely the ultimate universal communication, and even though music styles and genres come and go and have changed dramatically over the years (and NOT for the better I might add!) young people can feel genuine passion and emotion in soulful music delivered with spirit and attitude. And when that music delivers a message like my “I Just Wanna Go Huntin’”, “My Bow & Arrow” and “Fred Bear” and others, the sparkles in the eyes and smiles on the faces tell you everything you need to know.

As our dedicated army of volunteers gear up for another wonderful year of saving lives with our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity in IA, NE, SD & CO, give it some though as to how you might be able to impact and connect with kids in your area with a positive, passionate, FUN message about the joys and sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that our hands-on hunting lifestyle can provide for anyone and everyone who gets into it.

In this day and age of heartbreaking disconnect, soul wrecking political correctness and runaway fakenews, those of us who know better have a duty to reach out and make a difference. With but a modicum of effort, we can suckerpunch the lies of the nature haters and turn kids around onto a TruNorth compass setting.

I don’t know about you, but I just wanna go huntin! It’s only rock-n-roll but I like it!