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By: Ted Nugent

I am so very proud to connect with and share/celebrate runaway self-evident truth and we the people’s No. 1 responsibility of blowing the whistle here at every week in this sad culture war. Like delivering the ultimate soulmusic rock ‘n’ roll/rhythm and blues jihad like I have for more than 50 years, one must make certain to cleanse the soul and recharge the batteries in between and during every battle.

I think we can all agree that the greatest spiritual philosopher of all time was your hero and mine, Dirty Harry, when he stated the obvious that “a good man knows his limitations.” As I increase my communication with my elected officials, the media and my fellow Americans every day, I know the critical importance of “re-creating” spirit and energy, and do so pretty much daily in the great outdoors with my beautiful wife, Shemane.

It was my hero, BloodBrother and great conservationist visionary, the late great Fred Bear, who said the spirit of the wild will cleanse the soul.

So it is here at WND that I share with my fellow Great Americans the system by which the Nugent family fortifies our spirit, mind, heart, body and soul to fight the fight the very best we can.

So for the umpteenth time this hunting season, Shemane and I gathered around the sacred SpiritWild camp to prepare us for anything and everything the crazed “fundamental transformers” may throw at us.

In the process we get the ultimate venison protein and come back in prime fighting shape. Here’s how we do it, and we encourage all of you to do the same every chance you get.

Poor Mrs. Nugent was about at wits end after a very long, trying hunting season and nearly a month of bowhunting on our home SpiritWild Ranch, with nothing to show except for a few novels read in her deer blind day after day, week after week.

With thriving populations of Aoudad, blackbuck, oryx, fallow, axis, whitetails, turkey, varmints and hogs, you would think on our Texas home wildlife paradise that we would at least see some critters nearby. But the gameless skunking skunked on.

But alas, we were not about to give up by any stretch of the predator imagination.

My beautiful, deadly Queen of the Forest had not had a shot at anything in a long, long patience-testing time, and she had about had it.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I knew I could do better than the same old flowers and candy and a dinner out. With incredible hunting invitations by wonderful generous friends, I decided it was time for some new scenery and terrain in hopes of getting my girl a whack at something, somewhere, somehow.

Our Texas BloodBrother Tim Vail and team Rancho Anejo had been managing their new 8,000 acre paradise near Eagle Pass, Texas, for a few years and had extended a kind invitation to come down for some good old South Texas deer, hog and javelina hunting over Valentine’s Day weekend. Good friend Mark “Sky King” Frnka offered to fly us down from our home near Waco, so we loaded up and headed south to the Golden Triangle for some late season Managed Land Deer Permit hunting.

Rancho Anejo is indeed a hunter’s dream. The lodge is as five star as five star gets, the historical deer paradise that is South Texas brush country is on every deerhunter’s bucket list, and the staff led by ace guide Roger Saracho is as good as it gets.

Our first afternoon out was fun but slow with only a few does and small bucks seen. We practiced diligently with our Mathews bows and Excalibur Matrix crossbow and headed out for afternoon number two.

Shemane settled into her Primos Double Bull blind with ace SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms running the camera for her. The nonstop flutterfest of birdlife is always fascinating, and the occasional cottontail and jackrabbit kept things lively until the does started to arrive.

Shemane had her Matrix solidly on her Caldwell portable shooting bench when a handsome butterball forkhorn cautiously joined the does. She is a patient hunter and was committed to wait for a nice buck for her Queen of the Forest hunting segment on our “Spirit of the Wild” TV show on Outdoor Channel.

Kris continued to film the always stunning wildlife orgy when movement deep inside the brush caught their attention.

A huge antlered monarch stood inside the scrub like a statue, scrutinizing everything before him. Testing the hunter’s willpower and patience, the old boss buck took forever to slowly inch his way into the open where he nervously grabbed a piece of corn before jerking his head to attention, ever alert to any danger.

Kris and Shemane remained motionless, knowing all about the miraculous radar of such a mature beast, waiting for the right angle and perfect alignment of predator planets in hopes of a crack at such an incredible trophy buck. Time stood still.

Finally, the old stag slowly turned to retrace his steps back into the cover, and as soon as he exposed his golden triangle to the vitals, Shemane smoothly squeezed the Excalibur trigger, and the glowing orange Lumenok disappeared square into the pumpstation.

You will see the moment of glory on high definition video when this Queen of the Forest episode of “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild” airs on Outdoor Channel later this year, and you will have no control over joining Shemane with your own ever expanding smile as she rejoices over such a hard-earned kill on film.

There are few moments in life when everything is perfect. When in the presence of the beast, life seems ideal. We have witnessed on many occasions when severely ill friends have been elevated above the pain and suffering of agonizing chemo and radiation treatments. Many an injured hero of the U.S. military have expressed time and time again how their injuries simply do not exist when watching a magnificent game animal approach their ambush setup.

In those mystical, magical moments as we prepare to take the shot, there is no bad and ugly. There is no IRS jackboots, no gunrunning Eric Holder, no scammer in chief Barak Obama. There is no demonic animal rights freaks, no crime, no hate, no abuse of power, no corruption, no tyranny or illegal Obamacare.

All the beasts and our pure, natural predator relationship with these gifts from God are so powerful that they cleanse the soul and fortify the spirit. Spirit of the Wild indeed.

Kris and Shemane walked straight to the mighty buck that died within a few yards and a matter of seconds from the razor-sharp Muzzy Trocar three blade broadhead. Ultimate respect and reverence was showered on the buck and all of God’s amazing creation, from which we harvest our life sustaining protein and gifts. To say that Shemane glowed would be an understatement.

As always, much celebration erupted at Rancho Anejo around the campfire that evening, with fireworks, good food, family and friends, and a united love of the hunting lifestyle here in America.

The whole world sucks, America still sucks less, but in South Texas with deer hanging, it don’t suck at all. The beast is dead – long live the mighty beast.