Nugent Helps Injured Veteran Shoot Again

May 17, 2013 | « back

ted-nugent-walks-into-range-3 Rocker works with wounded veterans, shares story at NRA Convention

By: Lars Dalseide,

Nobody gets the crowds rocking harder than the Motor City Madman, and his appearance at the NRA Convention on Sunday was no exception. This experience, however, ended a little different than the others. Sure there was talk of guns and politics and the spirit of the hunt, but that soon gave way to a more somber moment. The moment when the Nuge revealed one of his darkest secrets.

“I’ve got to admit something right here. I feel guilty. You know it’s hard to find ammo. I’m sorry … I’ve got it all.

“I’m really sorry about that. I’ve got this hobby.”

Sauntering side to side, shaggy bearded with a rock star swagger, Mr. Ted Nugent of Redford, Michigan, had the crowd in his hands before the boots hit the stage. Smiling, laughing, sharing one Second Amendment story after another, Uncle Ted hit all the expect high points.

But there was a story, one story from Ted, that was probably missed by most. The story of Josh.

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