Nugent honored by SEAL Hero, Marcus Luttrell

January 17, 2014 | « back

sealHero1 Outstanding programming in the outdoor industry was recognized during the 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards in Las Vegas January 16.

Ted Nugent’s signature rendition of the Star Spangled Banner kicked off an evening filled with music, humor and notable moments. Big winners included Jim Shockey’s The Professionals, Crush with Lee & Tiffany and Buck Commander.

But in a career that virtually overflows with memorable events, the most profound moment of all came when Ted Nugent walked away with the Fan Favorite Best Overall award for Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.

Ted and wife Shemane accepted the award from Navy SEAL Hero, Marcus Luttrell, author of “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Los t Heroes of SEAL Team 10.” Nugent was visibly moved.

“Receiving the most important award on Outdoor Channel, “Fan Favorite Overall,” is deeply gratifying on all levels,” stated Nugent, “but to share the stage and have it presented by one of the greatest US Warrior heroes of alltimes, the great freedom fighter Navy SEAL and American BloodBrother Marcus Luttrell, was literally overwhelming and out of body…”

“I have such deep and abiding admiration and respect for this great man, and all that he has done and stands for, that it was very difficult to gather myself. His friendship brings great satisfaction to my life,” concluded Nugent.

sealHero2 Luttrell received a standing ovation—and a rousing vow from Nugent to show his appreciation for his sacrifice, and of everyone who’s served in the military, to raise more hell and put more pressure on the government so they don’t further infringe on our God-given individual rights.

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