Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire

August 5, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Spirit Campfire! What pray tell, might you inquire, could be this Spirit Campfire thang?

I mean, afterall, campfires are simply a pile of burning wood in a makeshift circle, right? What possibly could spirit have to do with a good, old, simple, foot-warming campfire?

I digress, for surely my brethren here at deeranddeerhutning.com understand perfectly well just how incredibly spiritual our hunting family campfires have always burned brightly for time immemorial forevermore.

Just like our nonstop dynamo celebration of the Spirit of the Wild in our beloved outdoor lifestylethose of us so deeply connected to the Good Earth and God’s miraculous renewable creation as actual participants have always understood perfectly well the physics of spirituality that represents the inescapable power and perfection of hands-on nature.

Sure, the warming campfires of our hunting seasons do indeed draw our tribe inward, warm our hands and feet, and dry our wet camo regalia on those beautiful fall and winter cold, wet days of the annual harvest.

But we are also well aware and much appreciative of the much deeper heat transfer that these fires provide, for as we gather with family and friends around the fire circle, something very special occurs that goes far deeper than simple physical warming effects.

As we gaze astonished and heartbroken at the violent cultural suicide raging across America in the summer of 2020 by some of the worst human gangsters the world has ever known, we would be wise to increase our family campfire time and focus deeper into the flames to find the Spirit Warrior that resides in all of our souls.

Like my songs Spirit of the Buffalo and Spirit of the Wild I titled our Outdoor Channel hunting show the Spirit of the Wild 31 years and more than 500 episodes specifically to emphasize this critical phenomenon and educate people to this dynamic nature reality.

Our Native American BloodBrothers and all aboriginal peoples always celebrated how the Great Spirit was the source of life itself, providing the wind, water, sun, moon, rain, land, wood, fire and all the mystical wildlife for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, tools, weapons, medicine, and of course, most importantly maximum Spirit!

We all know that every gutpile has much spirit!

So now I have done it again with a global livestream Zoom podcast every Monday and Thursday night from 9-10pm ET with my buddy Emmy award winning ESPN co-host John Brenkus, and Lord have mercy if the positive spirit don’t run wild and free!

We literally have viewers from all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and literally all around the world tune in to see just what the old crazy backstrapping guitarplayer is up to in these very exciting times. The responses have been absolutely wonderful as we celebrate truth, logic, commonsense, maximum positive energy, goodwill, decency, God, family, country, freedom, patriotism, Rock-N-Roll, killer guitarFire and the physics of spirituality with attitude!

We welcome you all to join our Spirit Campfire live Zoom on my facebook and youtube and numerous other social media technology to see what honest, unfiltered, genuine positive attitude and energy can accomplish.

Communicating and celebrating all that is great about America is contagious and more vital today than ever before in the face of all the nastiness, hate and dishonesty that runs amok otherwise.

Do not underestimate the power of a campfire, especially an all American Spirit Campfire! Fan the flames like you mean it!