The Calm Before The Backstrap Storm

August 27, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I’ve been feeling it for quite a while already, and I know you have as well!

Considering the dilemma of the tragic Communist Chinese virus hell 2020 bio attack on America, with so much of our normal lives being shutdown or at least dramatically reduced, never before has the fall hunting season been so eagerly anticipated.

With my musical tour canceled for the first time in 60 years, I have a ferocious beast of snarling rock-n-roll energy pent up inside of me, and I must intelligently and effectively channel it towards something intensely and gratifyingly positive and productive.

In this election year with the very soul of America at stake, I have increased my We the People activism exponentially to do all I can to save my beloved country from the chokehold of socialism and worse by a segment of society hellbent on destroying the very foundation of freedom and liberty.

And I hope you all have as well.

I have also increased my time afield preparing for my sacred hunting season, with more foodplot plantings, tree plantings, habitat improvement, varmint and insect control, dog training, duckblind and deerstand tweaking, constant scouting, trailcam monitoring, weapons training and practice, gear sorting and maximum nature healing outdoor time to take my mind off the ugliness that runs rampant across our nation.

When scouting my deergrounds, always looking for that new, magic ambush spot, I am very happy to report that all is well with the world, and one would think, that at least momentarily, there are no riots, no arsonists, no anarchy, no hate, no fakenews, no Marxists, and no terrorists or traitors infesting this last best place we call America.

Exploring and trimming trails deep in my sacred swamplands and forests, I am temporarily consumed with that Great Spirit of the Wild, and it brings me much fortitude, happiness and peace of mind.

The deerherd looks really good with an abundance of fawns, a good balance of age groups and even a good number of up and coming and mature bucks.

If that doesn’t cleanse the soul I don’t know what will!

Turkeys seem to be everywhere, squirrels and rabbits are in abundance, and my pheasant population continues to increase due to my diligent habitat upgrades and nonstop war on egg gobbling vermin.

With equal due diligence, I conduct media interviews and various podcasts on a daily basis driving home truth, logic and commonsense, which makes my escape time into nature’s sanctuary that much more important and appreciated.

As August comes to an end, many of my hunting brethren are already in the Great North country chasing, sheep, goats, bears, caribou, moose, and even deer and pronghorn on the prairies.

With a long awaited Michigan bear tag in my pocket, I will be able to get a jump on my season this year, and I could not be more excited.

I will stalk squirrels and hunt doves with my dogs, and probably hit a pheasant preserve now and then just to keep them happy.

I so celebrate and cherish the shorter days and cooler mornings and sunsets that foretell THE SEASON approaching, and I do all I can to control my throttling predator nerves to remain reasonably calm and controlled for the best hunting season of my life.

There is so much we can do to hone our predator instincts and capabilities, and now, in the calm before the harvest storm, is the time to get our physics of spirituality arsenal all tuned up and ready to rock.

Be sure you get everyone you know who loves liberty to stand on that wall of freedom by pledging to vote for God, family, country and our beloved hunting lifestyle at and

Nothing says America like the God given right to hunt. Be a freedom force to reckon with and take the time to make the pledge. Hunt 2020 is worth it.