The Soulless Dishonesty of Political Correctness

August 9, 2017 | « back

by Ted Nugent


Everyone with a soul, a brain, a heart, a conscience, logic, commonsense and an instinctual sense of decency and honesty knows that the self-inflicted scourge of political correctness is a license to lie and deny truth.

Though it rears its ugly head on a painfully regular basis seemingly in every facet of our lives, destroying quality of life at every toxic turn, I’m afraid it has struck a new all-time low, and horrifically right here in our beloved hunting community and industry.

It is not an opinion that annual hunting seasons are an absolute scientifically indisputable necessity. Sustain yield, habitat carrying capacity, wildlife population dynamics and annual natural seasonal harvest via management through hands-on value based utility are not opinions. These are all facts of the natural order of creation and its renewable function that is supported and proven through all evidence time immemorial.

Anti-hunting is not a valid opinion. To be against hunting is to be against nature herself and such denial has proven to be dangerous and catastrophic to wildlife everytime it is considered or implemented.

Humankind knows damn well that BILLIONS of animals are slaughtered on a daily basis around the globe to feed us. That is not an opinion. It is a fact.

Meat is food. Period. Wildlife meat is the best food. Period. The opinion that meat may not be some individual’s preferred food is a respected opinion, but to dare interfere with the production of this globally produced food for the masses is virtually insane, unacceptable and must be defeated wherever such hate for mankind exists.

It is bad enough when weird politically correct dishonest fools and scammers preach and lie about such insanity, but when the owner of hunting television networks acquiesce to such insanity by an inconsequential lunatic fringe of ignorant haters and then bans the airing of such time-honored hunting perfection on an entire technology, we have seen man at his worst.

Stan Kroenke, owner of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids and the London based football club Arsenal has made a segment of his billionaire fortune from the widely popular hunting programs aired on his Outdoor Channel and Sportsmen Channel networks for decades.

Spurred on by the loony anti-hunting freaks in not so jolly old England like abjectly ignorant Rickie Gervais and his crazy friends that wouldn’t know a platypus from a Pterodactyl, lying that killing endangered elephants and tigers is repugnant and immoral, when elephants are not endangered and no one has ever killed a tiger on any of the hunting programs aired, Kroenke showed his spinelessness and dishonesty when he nixed the hunting shows on his new MOTV (My Outdoor TV) app.

So outright lies dictate policy instead of science and truth and our time-honored conservation legacy?


Have these goofballs watched the Travel Channel lately? Have they not seen Andrew Zimmern on his wonderful programs shoot and stab and slaughter every imaginable animal then split their skulls to get at the eyeballs and brains for his meals? Have they not witnessed Anthony Bourdain on Travel Channel and CNN blast and dissect grouse and rabbits and deer and pigs to get at the hearts and livers and kidneys for their wonderful and delicious worldclass meals?

Are they unaware of Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E and other very popular honest networks whacking and stacking critters galore all over the world, to then butcher, slice and dice, marinate and grill their flesh and guts to feed people?

Are you kidding me?

The liars that succeeded in getting hunting shows banned on MOTV did so with the insane and dishonest squallering that it is somehow “glorifying the murder of innocent creatures”.

And your sushi is guilty of what pray tell?

Anti-hunting/animal rights is a shameful, self-inflicted mental disorder that could only have legs in a world upside down with the lie of political correctness and the fools so soulless to fall for it.

I suppose we can expect such hate and dishonesty from substance abusers and shamelessly disconnected freaks living in the fantasy world and cults of denial. But when such a successful individual as Stan Kroenke sides with such lowlifes, we must call him out, and that is exactly what I am doing right here.

I have been told such outspokenness against such a powerful man seriously jeopardizes the future of our #1 Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel.

So be it. When honesty jeopardizes anything I do, I always side with honesty, never fools and their lies who make such a terrible and unforgivable stand against everything we know to be true and believe in.

Good Americans must always make a stand. We must never back down, never give in and never give up on truth.

Hunting is perfect and I’m joining the billions of good people worldwide who celebrate Thanksgiving everytime we show ultimate respect for God’s miraculous renewable miracle of creation by killin’ ‘em and grillin’ ‘em. You will get no apologies from us.