Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees



The aptly named Migration showed a departure for The Amboy Dukes from their original style and band line-up, with Rusty Day replacing John Drake on vocals. Opening with the instrumental track “Migration”, which showcases Nugent’s guitar talents at the forefront, this 11-track album also features Ted’s personal all-time favorite song “Good Natured Emma”. Despite its release date, this album has aged well and is guaranteed to demonstrate Nugent’s raw and unbridled energy.

Released: Record Label: Mainstream
Release Year: 1969

  • 1. Migration
  • 2. Prodigal Man
  • 3. For His Namesake
  • 4. I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent
  • 5. Good Natured Emma
  • 6. Inside The Outside
  • 7. Shades of Green and Grey
  • 8. Curb Your Elephant
  • 9. Loaded For Bear
  • 10. Death Is Life