SHUT UP & JAM! Tour and CD 2014

Photo by Allan Rubenstein

The Nuge prepares to take America by storm with his SHUTUP & JAM! Tour, kicking off July 3 in Wichita! Ted again joins forces with Greg Smith on bass guitar, Wild Mick Brown on drums, and Derek St. Holmes on vocals and rhythm guitar.

“You won’t find anyone with more intensity, more passion, or more in-you-face ferociousness than Ted Nugent and his band. If Ted’s in town, don’t miss the show!” Steve Stuart, WFMS 95.5FM, Indianapolis

“If you’re looking for a veteran of the 70’s music scene who has somehow miraculously managed to remain vital and alive 40 years later, look no further than the controversial Motor City Madman.” Michael Gallucci,

“The Nuge is one big ball of energy and guitar playing dynamite. Once he gets going on a song, he does not like to let off the gas!” Ernie Osborn, Tulsa Today

“Ted Nugent represents everything that is great and right about America, about rock & roll and living life the right way. No compromise, no retreat!” Jerry Coyne, WQON, 100.3FM, Grayling MI

Nuge is on tap to perform his 6,500th live show this summer. And with that milestone comes the release of his latest CD, also titled SHUTUP & JAM! available later this year on Frontiers Records.

“Though we can all agree that music is the ultimate communication, killer rock-n-roll is also the ultimate soul cleansing distraction from everyday life,” states Nugent. “I predict the most fun tour of our lives. Politics be damned! SHUTUP & JAM!”

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