Cast your Vote…for Shemane Nugent!

Shemane is competing in a charity dance event to benefit shelter dogs and cats—what could be better?!

Here’s how you can help…

Vote for Shemane!!

There are 2 ways to vote:
  2. Text dancing2019 to 52182

All votes are 100% tax deductible. You can vote as often as you like! Your vote helps this locally managed humane society rescue homeless animals, provide them with top-notch care, and work to find them loving, life-long homes.

Follow along on Social Media: Facebook: @HumaneSocietyNaples & shemane.nugent Instagram: @hsnaples  @shemanenugent

Don't forget to use the hashtags! #DWTLSN #DancingforHSN #anthony.kumo

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The Music Makes Him Do It: An Exclusive Interview!

By Ruben Mosqueda ( Ted Nugent the ‘Motor City Madman’ as he’s often referred to, took time from his busy schedule [hunting as he says in this interview] to chat with Over the course of his career Nugent has…

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Tour Shots

We asked Ted “Why?” His Reply? “The Music Made Me Do It!”

Ted Nugent with Greg Smith (bassist) and Jason Hartless (drummer); "The Music Made Me Do It!"


Herd Management 101

By: Ted Nugent I gaze lovingly at the mounted button buck and the small doe fawn side by side on my cabin wall. You want to talk about trophies! I remember every soul stirring detail of those two exciting deerkills way back in the 1960s, and though both deer are as small as legal deer can be, they both represent the essence of my thrilling hunting life. I think the most amazing memory of all is the shock and dismay on the taxidermist’s face when I brought the little boogers in to be mounted. He literally couldn’t believe I wanted to pay to have such non-trophy deer mounted, but eventually came to understand my genuine excitement and happiness in finally accomplishing my hunting goal of bagging a deer. As I state constantly on my Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show for the past 31 years and in all my media interviews celebrating the perfect hunting lifestyle, when approached with a proper mindset and with the proper heart of a hunter-conservationist, every hunt should be all about fun, sport, meat and trophy.



Rock 'n Roll Your Way to a happier, healthier life!

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