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The Music Makes Him Do It: An Exclusive Interview!

By Ruben Mosqueda ( Ted Nugent the ‘Motor City Madman’ as he’s often referred to, took time from his busy schedule [hunting as he says in this interview] to chat with Over the course of his career Nugent has…

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We asked Ted “Why?” His Reply? “The Music Made Me Do It!”

Ted Nugent with Greg Smith (bassist) and Jason Hartless (drummer); "The Music Made Me Do It!"


Arrow Heaven

By: Ted Nugent Scouting my sacred wildgrounds and shooting my Mathews every day are nearly as exciting as hunting my wildgrounds. It is this year-round nonstop scouting that teaches me much about critter activity and the always changing travel patterns to better zero in on my most advantageous ambush location. And of course, my samurai mystical flight of the arrow addiction is not only thrilling beyond words, but essential in remaining ONE with the path of my arrow for clean kills and backstrap joys! And so it was on this magic fall day 2019 as I carefully snuck up on my chosen treestand setup for the afternoon bowhunt, that the Great Spirit was riding along on my shoulders to assist in my predator/conservation duties. I don’t know about you, but my predator radar glows bright orange DefCom1 fulltime the minute I make the decision to hunt, sucking in every minute detail of the energized wild world around me, even as I slowly stalk through the woods, across the creek, into the marsh edge and up the final ridge to my tree.



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