Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees

Over The Top

This is another compilation album which explores the early days of Ted’s band The Amboy Dukes and features their notorious track, “Journey To the Center of the Mind”. The adamantly anti-drug Nuge still claims that he didn’t know that this song’s lyrics encourage mind-expansion through drug use. This compilation also features some of the Dukes stronger tracks.

Released: August 6, 1996
Record Label: Thunderbolt

  • 1. Down On Philips Escalator
  • 3. Gimme Love
  • 4. I’ll Prove I’m Right
  • 5. Conclusion / Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  • 7. The Lovely Lady
  • 8. Mississippi Murderer
  • 9. Let’s Go Get Stoned
  • 10. It’s Not True
  • 11. Ivory Castles
  • 12. Colors