Studio Albums


State Of Shock

Packed with foot-stomping, axe-grinding Motor City Madman hits, this record is one of Ted’s most consistently bad-ass albums. Featuring some of his most intense guitar licks and incredible solos on tracks like “Alone” and “Paralyzed”, and an energetic band that keeps up with Sweaty Teddy’s gnarly guitar work with some sweet hooks  it will leave you waiting for more!

Released: Record Label: Epic
Release Date: May 1979

  • 1. Paralyzed
  • 2. Take It Or Leave It
  • 3. Alone
  • 4. It Don’t Matter
  • 5. State Of Shock
  • 6. I Want To Tell You
  • 7. Satisfied
  • 8. Bite Down Hard
  • 9. Snake Charmer
  • 10. Saddle Sore