1 last chance to get lifesaving meds to America

December 16, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Your child is dying on an island, and there is only one boat that can get her the medicine she needs to live. It may not be your favorite boat. In fact it may be a very ugly, leaky boat in desperate need of upgrade, but it’s the only boat available, and you damn well better get on board if you truly want to save your dear child’s life.

America is dying right before our very eyes, and there will only be one boat available in November 2016 to save her life. The John McCain boat and the Mitt Romney boat were clearly not everyone’s favorite vessels, but if you truly wish to save America, you damn well better get on that do-or-die life-saving boat when it becomes available – or the death wish is inevitable.

I surely understand the abject frustration and anger that kept so many conservatives and Republicans home in November of 2008 and November of 2012.

I happen to agree that both John McCain and Mitt Romney failed us miserably. They are both guilty of good-old-boy, status quo politics, that very same status quo politics of compromise that incrementally got us into this embarrassing mess we find ourselves in today.

McCain is no conservative, and Romney brought a doily to a gunfight, blowing his opportunity for victory over the glaring crimes of Obama and his gang of Saul Alinsky henchmen. Mr. Rogers would have kicked more a– than Mitt Romney did in those debates.

Now after nearly eight years of scamming, lying, fraud, deceit and the blatant criminal dismantling of the America we love, we cannot afford the luxury, or better stated, the stupidity of waiting for our favorite boat to transport the life-saving medicine to a dying America.

That so many conservatives, independents and Republicans failed to get on the less than desirable boat in the last two elections is the very reason America is in her last dying gasps, flailing away, desperately begging for someone to bring her the medicine she needs.

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Watching the Republican debates, I am somewhat relieved to see some occasional tough talk about so many tough issues by some of the candidates, but like so many Americans craving a return to a long lost we the people U.S. Constitution-based American Dream, I am not excited or convinced that any of the candidates represent anything resembling a perfect boat that will get the medicine to America.

In these desperate times, the Nugent family will not wait for nor demand a perfect boat, for the alternative to the GOP boat is a guarantee that not only will the Democrats fail to get the medicine we need, they will continue their insane throat stomping death wish on everything that makes America great.

The Democrats will continue to bribe voters. The Democrats will continue to throw unlimited money at our enemies but not take care of our veterans. The Democrats will continue to turn a blind eye towards the Islamic devils threatening to kill anyone and everyone that is not a member of their voodoo cult.

Hillary Clinton will continue to lie and cheat at the taxpayer’s expense. The Democrats will continue their insane criminal infringement of Second Amendment rights instead of going after repeat murderers, rapists, gangbangers, terrorists and other assorted dangerous sickos.

The Democrats will increase punishing the producers while rewarding the bloodsuckers.

The Democrats will continue to spend and waste like demented scoundrels oblivious to any sense of accountability or reason.

The Democrats will continue to believe climate change is man-made and more dangerous than Islamic voodoo murderers.

The Democrats will continue to ignore our borders, welcoming in more illegal voters into the liability column of America.

The Democrats will continue to destroy our education system, graduating the dumbest, most inept, brainwashed kids on earth.

Left to their own devices, the Democrats will continue their charge full steam ahead to obliterate the last vestiges of freedom and independence the world has ever known.

Though we can all agree that in most cases the Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats, if we the people unite and vote for the best GOP boat that is nominated, thereby delivering the life-saving medicine to our beloved country, then we can get back to our self-government duties of demanding upgrade and accountability so that the boat finally meets our American level of seaworthiness.

There are dangerous, rough seas ahead, mates. America is crying out for her meds. Let’s get on the damn boat.