7 New York kids who didn’t have to die

March 25, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Defenselessness is a choice. And choices have consequences.

If you choose to walk outside in the winter without the proper attire, that’s an irresponsible and ignorant choice.

If you choose to hike across Death Valley in July without water, that’s a choice. You can’t blame others when you drop of dehydration.

Should you overeat, smoke, drink and couch-squat your entire life and end up having a heart attack, that was a choice.

If you choose to eat sugary garbage, not brush your teeth and not visit the dentist annually, you have only yourself to blame when your teeth rot out. Only a soulless bloodsucker would expect someone else to pay for his or her dental care.

If you ride a motorcycle down the street without a helmet, without adequate insurance and you fall off your Harley and splatter your brains down Main Street, your choice is comfortably dumb and irresponsible. The cost of your bad decision will be passed on to others as the taxpayers are left to foot the bill to patch you back together again. That’s simply crazy.

If you choose not to have a weapon to defend yourself and home-invading meth-heads rape, torture and murder you and your children, that is a dumb and irresponsible choice.

As we seemingly have to learn over and over again, decisions have consequences.

As gut-wrenching and heartbreaking as it was to hear about the seven kids in New York City who died in house fire, it was the choice of the parents not to install fire detectors throughout the home. As a result of this grotesque and irresponsible choice, kids died.

How sad. How unnecessary. How pathetic. How irresponsible.

Smoke alarms are cheap and very effective. To have kids and not have smoke detectors throughout your home is child neglect. But that’s your choice.

The Nugent tribe has sufficient firepower throughout our home and on our persons to turn meth-heads into worm food. We also have numerous fire extinguishers, sufficient smoke alarms and learned evacuation plans in the event of fire.

Fire is one of America’s leading cause of deaths.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, seven Americans die each day from fire-related injuries.

Of the deaths resulting from home fires, 60 percent were in homes that did not have smoke alarms or had smoke alarms that did not work.

This is so unnecessary. So tragic. Thousands of Americans are killed or injured as a result of home fires where a cheap home smoke detector could have saved lives.

Before hitting the rock-‘n’-roll highway each summer, the first thing I ask my tour commando is where the fire extinguishers are located on the buses, trucks, backstage and on stage. Just as I would not step foot into a movie theater or restaurant without my trusty handgun and a couple of spare magazines full of proper ammo designed to stop meth-heads, paroled punks and carjackers, I refuse to step foot onto a tour bus without a fire extinguisher and smoke detector.

Seven kids in the Big Apple are dead because their parents didn’t have adequate smoke detectors throughout their home. Weep and pray for these kids. And then go out and buy fire extinguishers and sufficient smoke detectors for your home and replace the batteries every year. Call your local fire department if you can’t afford smoke detectors. They will help you.

Choices have consequences. To not have sufficient smoke detectors in your home to protect yourself and your family is grossly irresponsible.

Don’t feed your kids garbage, and don’t leave your kids defenseless against one of America’s leading killers: fire.