April 6, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I’ve never watched goofy soap operas or so-called “reality” TV shows. What could possibly be interesting or entertaining about some made-up silliness that has no basis in the real world? At least “Dirty Harry” made sense.

I’ve actually got a rather amazing real life that keeps me busy, inspired, motivated and engaged. After all, I dare to believe that this sacred experiment in self-government includes guitar players from Detroit who run hunting operations in Texas, so my plate has been full and overflowing for more than 60 years.

God bless America!

And who needs crazy television shows when none of them could possibly compete in the theater of the absurd with the daily insanity running amok before our very eyes in America today?

Rod Serling wouldn’t have come up with anything more outrageous for a mind-bending episode of “The Twilight Zone” than what transpires each and every hour across the globe these days.

I think there may have been a Mad Magazine back in the day that featured a psychopathic liar and affirmed communist running as Democratic presidential candidates on the cover, or something like that. Sure sounds like something Alfred E. Neuman would have conjured up. Or maybe Jann Wenner.

I deal with my we the people duties to spotlight cockroaches and raise truth, logic and common-sense hell to the best of my abilities on a daily basis, and with all the nonstop bizarre conduct and activities we are subjected to more and more all the time, it would do a body good to never forget all the unlimited positives in America, and all the wonderful people here kicking maximum a– to pursue their American Dream happiness and make America strong come hell or high water in spite of all the absurdities.

I know great Americans in every state and most cities – great Americans bust their a– to be as productive as super-humanly possible. They do not make excuses, and they don’t believe anyone owes them anything.

Great Americans have alarm clocks, and we set them at least five days a week, mostly 50 weeks a year. We earn our own way and live within our means. We save for a rainy day and want nothing from anyone else.

We believe in caring about our health before we squawk for someone else to cover our health care.

We know that there is no such thing as social justice or economic equality. In fact we know that these are two glaring examples of the liberal scammers further goading and brainwashing the most gullible amongst us.

We do know that everyone is different, and everyone has varying talents, drive, dreams, aspirations and priorities.

I know farmers, ranchers, dry cleaner operators, teachers, cops, musicians, poets, carpenters, plumbers, welders, mechanics, gun dealers, hardware store owners and workers, gunsmiths, artists, technicians, hunting guides, seamstresses, jewelers, writers, editors, tree trimmers, bankers, oil barons, woodworkers, feedmill operators, lawyers, doctors, dentists, bureaucrats, restaurateurs, shoe salesmen, sporting good owners, butchers, taxidermists, booking agents, business managers, secretaries, TV producers, radio producers, comedians, publishers, knife makers, gun manufacturers, athletes, landscapers, astronauts, pilots, car dealers, painters, hard-working Americans of every imaginable description and walk of life.

Everyone I know strives passionately and sacrifices dearly in order to be an asset to America, an asset to family, neighbors, fellow man and the good earth.

These are the many “man in the arena” Americans, alive and well, wildly swirling the entrepreneurial dust, willing and dedicated to take risks, try harder and always be the best that we can be.

These are the great American people in my life, both close and afar, who remind me every day that the whole world sucks but America still sucks less, and if we overcome the whining cacophony of excuse making and hysterical entitlement squalling by those who simply don’t care to try hard to be great Americans, we can indeed Make America Great Again.

As I prepare my 52nd year of all-American R&B rock ‘n’ roll touring for my 6,550th Sonic Baptizm concert with the most gifted and hardest-working musicians and team a man could ever dream of, I genuflect at the fiery altar of their positive energy and spirit, knowing damn well that we are not alone when it comes to this powerful American work ethic and demand for supreme excellence that is the soul of all American Dreams.

It is alive and well. We are alive and well. And if we want it to continue, we damn well better prod everyone we know to get out the vote come November, for if Alfred E. Neuman’s/Jann Wenner’s team wins, America loses – and the whole world will have no shining city on a hill anymore.