December 17, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I don’t know about anybody else out there, but here at the Nugent ranch we are dedicated to maximizing the good in life by fighting nonstop to eliminate as much bad and ugly as we possibly can. Doing so does wonders for improved quality of life and a wonderful sense of “we the people” well-being and inner peace.

Happy is as happy does.

Such intelligent prioritizations have driven my American Dream since before my teenage years due to the Parenting 101 love, guidance and discipline by my wonderful mother and father. It all still works miraculously to this very day.

Immersing myself into the consuming dynamo of my R&B driven rock ‘n’ roll soulmusic orgy with the greatest musicians in the world brought about my greatest tour ever in 2014, more than 50 years later, proving that such prioritizations still work.

SHUTUP&JAM! isn’t just killer music; it is our fiery passion, a way of life.

As an American citizen, I fight the good fight with all that I’ve got every day, and am able to do so because of my incredibly healthy, venison-fueled 66 clean and sober years. Engaging in this unfortunate, illogical, vile culture war is enough to drive a guy batty, but only if we allow ourselves to wimp out and let it get us down.

So when such universal good comes around at Christmastime each December, smart people will milk such joy for all its worth.

I’m in touch pretty much every day with military charities and military heroes and their families, reaching out the best I can to thank them for making such enormous sacrifices on behalf of freedom. Everybody knows that freedom is not free, and we must all make that extra effort to remind the warriors how much we appreciate everything they do for us. Christmas is the best time to do so.

That simple, important gift of “thank you” goes a long, long way in bringing some joy into the lives of the most deserving.

One of the greatest Christmas gifts shared far and wide each and every season for more than 26 years comes from the many millions of American hunting families as we share more than 25 million annual, hot, delicious meals of pure, organic, free-range, nutritious, renewable venison with homeless shelters, VA hospitals, soup kitchens, friends, neighbors and various charities across the land.

Through our hunter-organized, bureaucrat-free programs such as Hunters for the Hungry, Sportsmen Against Hunger, Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry, Help Us Stop Hunger and others, we provide tons and tons of the best protein available to humankind every hunting season.

Nothing says Merry Christmas love like the gift of hard-earned natural deer meat, believe me. You want Holiday joy? Serve some sacred wild haunch, shank, slabbage and backstraps, and watch the party erupt.

Christmas, Hanukkah, no matter under which banner you celebrate, ’tis the season to give, share and love thy neighbor as thyself – and based on how much I love me, good Lord am I ever going to pour on the good cheer again this time of year.

So don’t wait till the last minute to turn on the spirit, let ‘er rip now and every day throughout the Holidays with all the good you can muster, and watch the bad and ugly dissipate right before your very eyes.

I myself continue my year-long shopping spree for fresh venison for my fellow Americans, and even though nobody nowhere enjoys my version of shopping as much as I do from my daily choice of meat gathering ambush treestand, just because I enjoy it so much doesn’t take away from the gargantuan spirit of giving any less than all you crazy Holiday shoppers out there going nuts en masse scrambling maniacally through the malls of America.

My shopping mall just so happens to be the forests, swamps, deserts and wildlife infested tangles of America where unlimited herbivores sneak about, desperately trying to avoid the bowhunting guitar player, who naturally seeks their flesh for the ultimate Christmas gift for my friends, family and fellow needy Americans.

Merry Christmas to all, and here’s to the most memorable Holiday season of our lives. You can’t grill it till you kill it.