Activism Versus Bending Over

May 20, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The numbers are in and it ain’t pretty! It’s a painful reality that I have been more than aware of and fought against for many, many years, but now we have the stats, and quite honestly, it is embarrassing.

I have always been considered a radical, an extremist, a loud mouth hellraiser, and I have always proudly plead guilty as charged.

Stop and think about it for a moment; some of the most important things in life are as radical as radical can be.

Consider this first and only sacred American experiment in self-government. You want radical, truly there has never been anything in the history of mankind more radical than our courageous Founding Fathers tossing off the shackles of King George tyranny and blowing away his jackbooted punks when they tried to rule over us.

Throughout history there had always been a dominating ruling elite of kings, emperors, tyrants and slavedrivers, controlling the pathetic non-lives of their subjects.

The movies Braveheart, The Patriot and The Gladiator are not make-believe fantasy films, but rather the documentation of how the cruel world operated prior to 1776.

Then God intervened, hellraisers took charge, the shot heard round the world was fired off and individual freedom was unleashed!

Our Founding Fathers were radicals, extremists, loud mouth hellraisers because they instinctively knew in their hearts and souls that independence and individual liberty was God’s ultimate design and plan, and we simply were not going to settle for any more punk kings and emperors.

The king can no longer dictate religion, own the deer or have exclusive rights to keep and bear arms.

All those self-evident truths written down in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights just in case some evil doer tried to play king again someday.

And that someday is here and now!

The flurry of mind boggling, nonsensical decrees issued by power abusing power mad corrupt bureaucrats is currently beyond the pale.

We could list the insanity of banning garden seed purchases and the shutting down of churches while allowing dope and liquor sales and abortion clinics to operate as examples of tyrannical abuse, but for our purposes here, we as hunters have been taking it on the chin for far too long, and it is getting worse by the day.

To think that any human can possibly believe they have the authority to deny another human the right to hunt on Sundays anywhere in America during the natural hunting season is outrageous and intolerable.

To think any human believes they have the authority to forbid a free American to spill minerals and nutrients or relocate corn or apples on our own farms and ranches is the definition of criminal corruption.

Hiring so called sharpshooters to kill our wildlife using methods they forbid us to use is the definition of tyranny.

The gory detail within the recent democrats rescue bill during this pandemic quarantine includes the arbitrary decision by unqualified bureaucrats to control laws regarding the use and possession of any wildlife that they claim might pose a threat of transmissible pathogens, viruses or disease.

You got that?

So some crazy animal rights clown would claim whitetail deer to be a suspect carrier and shutdown hunting for an indeterminate period of time based on hate and a whim.

You got that?

I could go on and on with thousands of examples of clear and present maneuvers by corrupt bureaucrats doing everything in their power to end the outdoor lifestyle, but suffice it to say, they must be stopped.

And they can be stopped by voting for candidates who stand up for traditional American family values that are embodied in the outdoor conservation demographic nationwide.

The statistics I referenced at the beginning of this writing is the suicidal apathy within our hunting community.

Traditionally hunters have not been a force to reckon with and now more than ever we must be a force to reckon with.

It is as simple as voting God family country freedom!

We have established to galvanize this incredible voting army to register, research and VOTE!

We will be holding a rally in Ringle, Wisconsin June 3rd at the Q&Z Expo Center and more events across the country throughout the year. I’m bringing my guitar and my best Founding Father radical spirit!

Register at

I hope and pray that everyone understands the life and death importance of this year’s election and spread the Battlecry to everyone who cares.