Adios 2020, Good Riddance

December 29, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Anybody get the license plate number on that runaway tandem gravel scow that just twelve-wheel drifted broadside into our American Dream! I think it said “2020” in big, ugly, bold numbers!

That is a number we will not soon forget, unfortunately!

I’ve been around for 72 of these wild earthly American years, (measured in deerseasons) and I’ve seen and witnessed a lot of extremes, but there was no way I was ready for what the year 2020 had in store for us.

Now, mind you, the Nugent tribe has always lived by the good old Boy Scout battlecry of always being prepared, and fortunately we were, so we have been doing just fine and dandy during all this craziness, thank you.

The ensuing chaos and disarray has been dazzling to say the least, and I’m not talking about the so-called Chinese Virus either. I’m talking about the downright insanity of the bizzarro over-reaction to the so-called “pandemic”, which was clearly far worse than this or any virus ever in history.

We could go on and on about the dishonesty and abject scamming of government, media, global gangsters, corrupt bureaucracies, Hollywood and the Trump hating gangbangers everywhere, but what truly hurt the most was the willingness of so many people around the world to blindly obey the barrage of inconsistent, hypocritical decrees by power abusing people in undeserved positions of authority.

I won’t waste my time detailing the incredibly long list of mind-boggling atrocities by the powers that be or the sheeplike behavior by so many, but rather do my best here to maintain a sense of decorum and prioritization in the pages of this publication dedicated to the great deerhunting escape, the ultimate escape from such insanity that our beloved outdoor hunting conservation lifestyle provides.

I for one maintained an even keel throughout, not altering my life a bit, except of course for the cancellation of my beloved annual rock-n-roll tour, like the cancellation of every 2020 tour on planet earth.

Not be able to unleash my precious musical beast all summer with my killer band was certainly painful and frustrating, but I nonetheless improvised, adapted and overcame and never stopped cranking out my guitar mayhem and creative juice tsunami anyway.

Now that brings me to the focus of my last NugeBlog for the crazy year 2020.

Do like your Uncle Ted and hunt harder, smarter, more often and more intensely than ever before!

That’s not just a great idea from Captain CriticalThinker Nuge, that is exactly the natural instinct and actions of many smart, tuned in Americans in response to the abject abandonment of truth, logic and commonsense by so many, especially the nasty politicians that have the audacity to decree; do as I say not as I do.

Hunting and fishing license sales were noticeably to dramatically up across the nation as the inner spark of self-reliance, rugged individualism and self-sufficiency kicked in.

I know many people have suffered this year, (just like many people do every year) and we have sincere empathy and genuine compassion for any and all suffering.  But too we rejoice the return to the life giving vibrant pulse of God’s miraculous creation as actual hands-on participants to fend for ourselves and celebrate nature as healer and the great Spirit of the Wild as the definitive soul cleanser that it is.

As Tribe Nuge prepares for a great 2021, we will be together with hunting friends around a blazing bonfire on the last evening of 2020, rejoicing that we are smart enough to remain independent as a lifestyle rather than waiting for fire to erupt before we run to the hardware store for a fire-extinguisher.

Thank God we still have a lot of the hunting season ahead of us here in Texas and in many other states, and we will surely take advantage of every wonderful minute of it.

Every year has its share of good, bad and ugly, and no doubt 2020 had a very painful overdose of bad and ugly.

To that we say adios Mofo!

Those toxic ingredients that made 2020 so bad are tragically still with us as we zoom into 2021. My recommendation is to learn from what works best to mitigate the bad stuff and cleverly pursue that which maximizes the good stuff.

Here’s to a very Happy New Year, to good health, happiness, life, liberty and pursuit of allthings positive. Here’s to the best hunts of our lives, the best campfires with loving family and good friends, and to all the energy we can muster to make 2021 nothing like 2020.

Goodluck, Godspeed, Happy New Year and good hunting forever.