February 25, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Right now over 80 percent of the Great Lakes have frozen over for the second year in a row.

Literally hundreds of record low temperatures have been recorded this winter. And as I write this little Uncle Ted Gonzo weather update, all meteorological indicators are that it is not over yet.

Boston remains buried in the second snowiest season on record.

As I type away warmed by a glowing fireplace on my iced-over Texas ranch, roughly 80 percent of the country is in the same deep freeze as I am. Forty percent of the country currently has a wind chill below zero.

Dare you question the crazed man-made global-warming crowd, you are labeled a kook, a nut, a nihilist, an anti-science conservative.

I only have one question: Where’s our favorite global-warming, Nobel Peace Prize winner, doomsday zealot, Master of Scam Al Gore?

With Old Man Winter relentlessly hammering away across the U.S., Al and his zany global-warming predictions have gone underground, most likely in his denial-driven scramble to stay warm.

If I were Al, I would have gone underground, too. Anything Al would say now about global warming, that man is responsible, the ice caps are melting, polar bears are being orphaned, melting glaciers are headed for Main Street, etc., would be welcomed fodder for the late-night comedians and Americans who are not laughing as we deal with our deep-freeze reality.

Al and his gang of scammers are a joke and a global-warming fraud.

Al’s scary global-warming predictions, such as New York City being underwater and the North Pole melting by 2014, etc., have all proven to be a false.

Al may need to ratchet up the global-warming scam rhetoric if he wants to continue to perpetuate his favorite hoax and fraud.

He may want to say that in the next 10 years the entire earth will be flooded, that mankind will be extinguished, which would make some loony leftists and the occupy Wall Street dopers hip hop with glee.

If he doesn’t want to go that far, he could still predict how the Big Apple will be flooded as well as Boston, Washington, D.C., and the entire East Coast. He could tell his very rich friends who live on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard to get out now and sell their property (at a loss) to thick-skulled conservatives who believe global warming is a bigger scam and hoax than the one the leftists perpetuated back in the 1970s about the earth cooling and slipping into the next Ice Age.

The inconvenient truth is that hardly anyone cares about the scam of so-called global warming.

Many young, inexperienced, ignorant, clueless people are hopelessly naïve, easily manipulated and hold utopian-like beliefs and manufactured alarmist fantasies such as global warming. That’s because they haven’t been introduced yet to the rough-and-tumble real world.

Meanwhile, the world’s most powerful force, not the so-called global-warming world, is drowning them.

That very real and powerful force they should figure out real fast is the economy.

As though it were Monopoly money, many college students have foolishly taken out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. In order to pay that money back and because good-paying jobs remain as scarce as Al, many college graduates have moved back in with mom and dad.

The amount of student loan debt in America stands at a whopping $1.2 trillion. Supporting global warming, gay marriage, legalizing dope, peace and love, ending world hunger, saving the whales, scrambling to make excuses for the president, etc., may all sound like noble causes to support to the tragically naive, but it’s the very real world that should concern young Americans. Their student loans may freeze them out from buying a car and a home – things they will ultimately care about as they put a few years behind them.

The ball and chain of staggering student loans is what is drowning young Americans, not a melting North Pole.

With Al Gore on the lam and the mainstream propaganda ministry working overtime to feed them what they want to hear, we can only hope that the dangerously naive amongst us will break free from the shackles of political correctness and wake up to the sheer joys of truth, honesty, logic, common sense and the real world.

Baby, it’s cold outside.