January 8, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The Nugent family prays on a daily basis for people in need around the world no matter the conditions, global location, race, creed, color, nationality or lifestyle. Heartbreaking and deadly tragedy strikes without warning in this life, and when our fellow man is desperate and suffering, we feel their pain and do what we can.

Everybody we know does the same. Good people care and want to help in every situation, and the jury is not still out on who exactly are the most caring, generous, giving and loving people on earth: Americans. Another proud moment for the great folk here at the last best place. Show me freedom, and I’ll show you compassion and generosity.

With an estimated 8,000 dead in West Africa from the deadly scourge of Ebola, we certainly see this as a serious time for prayer and aid – and, again, Americans are on the front lines. Such suffering is serious business, and we pray hard for relief and an end to this horrible disease. Thanks to so many who sacrifice so dearly; I believe we are on our way.

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I’m just hoping that more and more people join us in prayer and continue the flow of generosity and hope, but I also pray that more and more people wake up to the equally deadly scourge of political correctness that is manifested in the transparent scam of appointing an Ebola czar.

That’s not the transparency we were looking for, Mr. President, and more people are waking up to your unending legacy of politically correct feelgood scams.

Feeling good doesn’t quite cut the mustard, compared to actually doing good, and it comes as no surprise that your symbolic Ebola czar, Ron Klain, has quit his politically correct, make-believe post.

Good people with half a brain have your number, Mr. President, and with en estimated 36,000 deaths per year from the flu bug right here at home in America, we are wondering why you never appointed a flu bug czar.

Eight thousand deaths are nothing to sneeze at, but according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 600,000 Americans succumb to heart disease each year.

No heart disease czar? How can this be?

That there is no hue and cry for a cancer czar dazzles thinking people everywhere, Mr. President. With nearly another 600,000 Big C deaths annually, surely anyone truly interested in saving lives would go for the bigger number, unless, of course ,one is inclined to never let a catastrophe get away from a killer PR opportunity.

We must continue our efforts to wipe out Ebola, but with more than 28,000 deaths a year in America due to falls, we cannot believe there is no clumsy czar.

I’m just a guitar player, but if I were in charge I would try to save the most lives, not just the most politically correct media-driven PR lives.

Call me weird, but where I come from more lives saved are better than fewer lives saved.

And when it comes to the painful reality of saving the lives of our African brothers where all lives matter, I would appoint a dictator czar and a tyrant czar, as it is evil, murderous dictators and tyrants in Africa that have killed many millions of innocent, otherwise healthy African citizens.

Surely, someone must know that black lives matter. Hell, I do, and I still hunt my dinner with a bow and arrow. Go figure.

Many of us are hoping that the GOP landslide back in November was a direct result of Americans waking up to the real epidemic destroying lives in the world; bureaucratic scam artists taking advantage of high-visibility tragedies for political gain ably assisted by a runaway lapdog complicit propaganda ministry totally out of touch with good Americans.

All lives matter, but when bureaucrats cherry pick their advantageous PR opportunities, we the people can figure out such deceit and soullessness pretty quick.

And we damn well better figure it out pretty quick, because it is glaringly apparent that our president and government overall think we are too stupid to see what they are doing to us, and the stark reality is, we are not.