America’s on the cusp – are you raising enough hell?

June 25, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I’m a very lucky man. I was born to a loving family in Detroit in 1948 when the mighty MotorCity was indeed that shining city on the hill. No words can adequately describe the powerful positive energy, attitude, goodwill, decency and friendly neighborliness that resonated all around.

I’m telling you it was perfect.

Detroit was revered globally for our irrepressible work ethic and unprecedented productivity. An indefatigable drive to earn one’s way and the sheer pride of seeking our American Dream by being the absolute best that you can be was ubiquitous and damn near universal.

Like the rest of America, we were aglow with the definitive knowledge that American exceptionalism had waged war and defeated the clear and present evil that was the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany.

To put it quite bluntly, the Spirit of America’s rugged individualism united us as a determined force of free men to be reckoned with. We had defeated a nation of subservient slaves and a socialist nation of blind sheep. The Japanese people had been brainwashed to reject individualism and act on behalf of the emperor, while the Germans sold their soul to an evil maniac that thought anyone outside his so-called “superior race” had to be exterminated from the species.

Just shut up and obey like good little subjects, and don’t you dare cross the path of the power-abusing monsters behind the curtain. Don’t ask questions; the almighty tyrant will tell what is allowed.

How anti-human can you get? Seems somebody had fundamentally transformed them from people to sheeple.

When my grandparents came to this country from Sweden legally, inspired by this new and exciting freedom, they unleashed an unstoppable entrepreneurial individualism to work themselves overtime and reap the rewards from such effort. With the ultimate carrot of capitalism, everyone knew that the harder and better you work, the bigger and better the individual rewards. With the American “we the people” workforce, they set about to create the greatest quality of life ever in the history of the world.

When my mother’s parents, Rachel and Henning Johnson, sailed here from Sweden and went through the legal process of fulfilling their dream to be Americans, they immediately learned the language, made their pledge of allegiance, found jobs and settled in Chicago.

No Americans back then could imagine any such list of jobs they weren’t willing to do. And the obscene concept of “giving up looking for work” was totally offensive and incomprehensible.

There was no government welfare or food-stamp scam and no so-called “safety net” to deter their drive. There was one rule and one rule only: Bust your a–, watch your P’s and Q’s, and earn your own way!

So they did. And so did all of America because without handouts, independence is yours, and independence inspires effort, which creates wealth. Handouts create slavery to Big Brother. Basic instincts told my grandparents that it didn’t work in Europe or Scandinavia, and there was no way, having taken such risks to get here, that they would ever accept the old bad ways ever again.

That wonderful rugged individualism was handed down to my parents, and from them to us kids. If you want something, sacrifices must be made, risks must be taken, and sweat equity must be invested. At the Nugent household, there was no Plan B. No wimps allowed. Thank God.

And so here we are 65.5 years later, and though my amazing mother and father are gone, their spirit remains a source of great pride for my brothers, sister and myself, that our kids and grandkids continue the tradition of hard work, intelligent priorities, personal accountability, live within one’s means, save for a rainy day, and always, no matter what, be the absolute best that you can be.

It is inconceivable that any of us would give up looking for work. It is offensive to imagine a list of jobs we are not willing to perform. The idea of demanding anything from our government is as foreign as tyranny and slavery. Without the slavery bait of “safety nets,” people will find it within themselves to improvise, adapt and overcome, and earn their own way.

With the embarrassing Barack Obama suicidal death wish of fundamental transformation running amok, all that made America the last best place back then has now been turned upside-down, and tragically, we the people have become in far too many instances we the sheeple, abandoning individual exceptionalism and Herculean work ethic, and now insanely falling for the pathetic Euro scam of taking from the earners instead of the pride of earning it yourself.

Tragic and virtually unacceptable.

Liberals are scam artists, and the greatest scam artist ever is Barack Obama.

If we stay on this insane course to self-destruction (fundamental transformation), America will indeed go the way of soulless collectivism, and the American Dream will become the American nightmare.

I raise all the hell I possibly can to wake up the sheeple, and in the process, I am attacked viciously by the Saul Alinsky hate mongers that infest the left. Of this I am extremely proud. I proudly take flak because I am constantly over the target.

Liberalism is a hateful, soulless curse, destined to destroy everything in its vulgar path. Once you brainwash and bribe the sheeple, the sheeple with vote for their big daddy providers, hence becoming slaves to the whims of others.

We are on the cusp, America. On one side is independence and the America that shines – on the other, slavery. The soul of America hangs in the balance. Those who know, are you raising enough hell?