July 22, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

There’s a debate whether or not to allow U.S. Marine warriors and other trained American military heroes to be armed.


The United States of America has plummeted so embarrassingly, so criminally low as to question the trustworthiness of its armed forces?

Freedom-loving hearts are breaking at a scary, record rate across the once-free world.

What’s next? Whether to allow firefighters access to water?

The planet of the apes flew over the cuckoo’s nest meets clockwork orange Mad magazine punk’d TV.

Nice fundamental transformation, traitors. Well done.

When laws mandating gun-free zones fail every time to reduce carnage and loss of innocent life, the insane modus operandi of the feel-good symbolism over substance is to maniacally scramble to pass another series of denial-driven laws and regulations, adding to the already ineffective, lumbering and tremendously expensive orgy of counterproductive bureaucracy gone berserk.

After the punk zombie slaughtered Americans in the South Carolina church, the first thing the president did was advocate for more gun control. The only thing drunk on power abuse, anti-freedom, big government ideologues such as Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton and their feeble ilk want to do is to pump more anti-gun smoke up the skirts of America.

With warning after warning of terrorist threats against military and law enforcement, even after the Fort Hood and other such unarmed, helpless, gun-free zone sitting duck insanity, our soulless, mindless leaders still fail to see their evil ways.

The guitar player has THE answer – give the green light to the best-trained warriors in the world to carry the weapons of their training to protect themselves and their fellow Americans.

Burn the red tape. Stop the bureaucratic insanity. Do it now.

Meanwhile, the nonstop summertime shootings and killings of blacks by blacks in Chiraq, Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis continues as a direct result of braindead liberal policies and politically correct programs that have been systematically engineered to control and manipulate black Americans.

Black lives don’t matter at all to liberals, only black votes matter.

The real con the president is trying to slip by Americans is that during his tenure, the National Criminal Instant Check (NCIS) has been woefully underfunded. The NCIS is the computer system that identifies whether a person is a convicted felon, a dope head, deemed a threat to himself or others by a mental-health professional, etc., who should be prohibited from owning a gun.

Anyone and everyone paying attention knows that the NCIS has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and has been underfunded for years.

The president’s solution: Stack even more meaningless gun control laws on top of the already thousands and thousands of meaningless gun control laws that have never worked, don’t work, can’t and won’t work.

There is one new gun control measure that would work. If Mr. Obama truly cared about the safety and security of the American people, he would issue an executive order banning all gun-free zones and tell Americans that when seconds count the good guys in blue are only minutes away.

Amazingly enough, only Donald Trump has so far advocated such a policy. In a blinding flash of obvious common sense, Mr. Trump recently stated he would support banning gun-free zones on military bases.

Good for him. Mr. Trump and the other GOP candidates should advocate banning all gun-free zones everywhere and tell Americans that it is our personal responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The history of mass shootings is replete with psychos slipping through the porous data holes of the NCIS. Plugging the holes of the NCIS would be a good first step, but we must realize that various kooks, thugs, punks, meth-head home invaders and paroled felons will always find a way to get their rabid paws on a gun and commit mayhem.

Americans must never subscribe to any system that seeks to punish good, law-abiding citizens while essentially rewarding bad behavior. Regretfully, that’s the very system our Fedzillacrats have created on so many levels.

It’s time for a refreshing, bold and opposite approach. It’s time we reverse course and put Fedzilla on a starvation diet.

Ban all gun-free slaughter zones. Ban freedom-haters from public office by supporting and voting for those candidates who support freedom and common sense while punishing those who want to put their boots on the throat of freedom and common sense.

It’s our republic. Let’s see if we can keep it.