October 14, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Somebody at the Democratic National Committee ought to let Americans know where we can turn in our fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Following the strange pseudo-logic of the gun grabbers such as President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their assorted big-government goons on Capitol Hill, we don’t need fire extinguishers in our home or vehicles.

Same goes for businesses. They should all remove the fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and warning lights in their buildings.

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton would most assuredly argue that putting out fires is what the fire department is supposed to do. Dial 9-1-1 if there is a fire and wait for the fire department to show up to put out the blaze.

Of course, only helpless, mouth-breathing zombie sheep would dare follow such dangerous anti-logic.

Responsible, self-reliant Americans know that fire is always a risk, especially in the kitchen. To reduce that risk, sensible people have fire extinguishers available to put out fires. We also have smoke detectors throughout our homes to warn us of such danger.

Many of us, dedicated to be self-reliant, independent folk, are also very aware of other risks and take appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We lock our doors at night, wear seat belts, eat right, exercise and don’t smoke cigarettes or inject poisons into our bodies. In short, we don’t gargle with Drano, and we don’t eat broken-glass sandwiches for lunch.

Having been forewarned throughout history by numerous murderous, bug-eyed lunatics that they have evil intentions and will carry out their mayhem at schools, shopping malls and churches, we’re smart enough to know that should we ever be in a situation when such a crazed lunatic with a weapon shows up – however remote the chance – by carrying a handgun we will at least have a chance to defend ourselves and loved ones. We know that waiting for the good guys and gals in blue to arrive to save the day is a self-imposed death sentence.

Smart, caring, capable, self-reliant Americans know that no amount of feel-good, brain-dead laws that seek to make good people victims is going to halt murderous monsters and is in every instance the absolute wrong approach to personal safety.

Amazingly enough, that’s exactly the course Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton want to continue to steer America. They are anti-freedom, hypocritical punks who are protected 24/7 by armed guards paid for by we the people they seek to disarm.

The vast majority of Americans who die due to a gun-related death are suicides and dope-dealing dopes killing other dope-dealing dopes. Combined, suicides and gangsters killing other gangsters account for more than 90 percent of all gun-related deaths in America.

Tragically, some Americans are randomly killed by bug-eyed lunatics and paroled felons. Even more tragically is that the vast majority of these innocent Americans are slaughtered in gun free zones.
No one, including my NRA, wants mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves or others to have access to guns. What people of goodwill and common sense know is that no additional gun laws are going to prohibit anyone with mass murder on their sick and twisted minds from getting their hands on a gun.

What people such as Obama and Clinton endorse is engineered barbarism. For our government to make it impossible or more difficult to protect ourselves from mass murderers is state-sanctioned barbarism, pure and simple. It is unquestionably state-sanctioned barbarism to permit gun free zones on any piece or property that receives any federal dollars.

Following the anti-freedom ideals of the Democratic Party can, has and will get more innocent Americans killed. They want to make you defenseless. The Democratic Party is a killer on many levels.

If you’re dumb enough to subscribe to this more “common-sense gun safety” lunacy, I encourage you to turn in your fire extinguishers. Your local fire department has got you covered, punk.