February 17, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

A word to the embarrassing, clueless young people who believe Sen. Sanders is their ticket to prosperity: There is no free lunch.

Old Bernie is scamming young people with his “democratic socialism” and politically correct, fantasy-driven, feel-good “fairness” tripe. Regretfully, too few of our young people have the worldly know-how or basic economic smarts to see that his dusty ideas are historically proven to be dangerous, beyond dumb and potentially even deadly.

Young people have every right to feel disenfranchised, angry and dissatisfied, I’ll give you that. With the country lurching toward $20 trillion in debt and racing maniacally toward the $30 trillion mark, Fedzilla has literally robbed Millennials of their future. The American dream may very well be something the Millennials read about instead of something they achieve. Sorry, folks, but like Sen. Sanders, bad news does not get better with age.

Sanders’ brand of big-government socialism essentially calls for plundering the wealth of billionaires (of which there are less than 600 in America) and redistributing that wealth to others who will receive the so-called “free stuff” such as a college education, womb-to-tomb health care, vacations and assorted goodies and bonuses we used to earn for ourselves.

What is not-so-amazing is how and why Millennials believe Sen. Sanders’ big-government socialism ideas are flush with prosperity. After being indoctrinated by our public schools that capitalism is corrupt, that America is a racist country and that more government will make things fair, it is no surprise Millennials have gravitated to Sanders’ socialism like stinky hippies to a free concert.

According to a recent yougov poll, over 40 percent of Democrats have a favorable view of socialism, compared to 35 percent of Democrats who have an unfavorable view of it. Though the poll does not reflect it, my suspicion is that many of the 40 percent of those Democrats who have a favorable view of socialism are young Millennials who were conned into taking out massive student loans to attend No Skills University to get a college degree in something the marketplace does not need.

Clearly, what these youngsters do not realize is that even in Bernie’s fairyland of free stuff, someone else needs to earn and pay for it. Regardless what Sanders says, it will not be just the rich who get stuck with the free-stuff tab, but also Millennials in the workforce. They would be rudely awakened from their free-stuff slumber to a tax system that would devour huge chunks of their paychecks.

It is inevitable that the big fat stupid socialist lie will backfire on the middle class, pillaging their diminishing paychecks like a Karl Marx wood-chipper.

The other amazing missing logic link of Millennials is their obvious blind faith in Fedzilla to get it right. Fedzilla is famous for hurling huge piles of money at problems – and when that doesn’t work, it throws even more money at the very problems it often created in the first place, which is the modus operandi of the Three Stooges. To place trust in Fedzilla to get anything right is mind-boggling.

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Socialism does not, will not and has not worked anywhere in the world, including the often-cited socialist snake oil paradises of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Socialism is actually rotting out those countries just like it has destroyed Venezuela, which just declared another food emergency. Cuba was also supposed to be a socialist Valhalla, but the reality has turned out to be much different.

Who could possibly not know that such tactics destroy incentive, stagnate creativity and halt productivity wherever anyone has been so blind to dare try them again?

The Iron Lady’s words remain true: Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.

Crazy Bernie is peddling some nasty, toxic snake oil to children. You youngsters might want to do a little research beyond your social engineering classes at NumbNut University.