Biggest danger to black Americans: Black thugs

December 2, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

There’s this dam upstream with a gaping breach spewing millions of gallons of raging, runaway water headed straight to the villages and villagers downstream. There is also a tiny trickle where every few months a drop or two of leaking water is barely visible to the naked eye.

In some of the villages there are scattered cults of denial weirdos practicing a strange form of religious ritual where they actually expect us to believe that the nearly imperceptible trickle of leaking water is a prime and ominous threat to the security of the villages, but somehow the raging torrent can and should be ignored.

Thankfully, sane persons prevailed, the dishonest, raving lunatic scammers were ignored, and the real life-threatening breach was identified and repaired, thereby saving many lives.

The trickle was investigated as well and determined to be intentionally created as a diversionary tactic just so the weird cult scammers could appear to care.

You need not look any further than the Big Easy to discover that, sadly, black lives really don’t matter to the “black lives matter” denial cult.

Recently, yet again, at an illegal music video shoot and out-of-control block party, 17 blacks were gunned down by other gangster blacks, whom I’m guessing met the profile of repeat offender high school dropouts who have no intention of voting for the GOP next November.

Though I may have missed it, there have been no reports that I’ve seen where President Obama has stated that if he had a son, “he would look just like the guys who did the shooting.”

Imagine the indescribable horror, the racial conflagration that would have erupted had the gang-related shooters been white punks on meth firing their illegal weapons into a crowd of innocent black folk at a neighborhood block party.

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But since the shooters and victims were all black: ho-hum, nothing to see here. Move along. No media hype, hip or hop.

Same was true in May, 2013 when black thugs opened fire at an impromptu Mother’s Day parade in the Big Easy. Nineteen blacks were wounded in that black-on-black melee.

Same was true over the Independence Day weekend in 2015 in Chicago when black thugs with illegal guns killed ten and wounded 55 more blacks.

Same thing happened again over the Independence Day weekend in 2014 in the Windy City when black thugs with illegal guns shot 82 people, killing 15.

Ignore the gaping breach, focus on the trickle.

If honesty were the litmus test by which we truly judged claims and conduct, the black lives matter goons and intellectual dwarfs would hang their heads in shame, burn their protest signs and beg the University of Missouri to rehire the president they forced to resign.

But neither truth nor black lives matter to the so called “black lives matter” buffoons, Al Not-So-Sharpton or President Obama. What matters to the real racists is fanning the last, nearly imperceptible trickles of racism and blaming the shooting in New Orleans on Donald Trump, the NRA, the GOP, or gun manufacturers.

The sad and ugly truth is that black lives don’t matter to these blacks. You may have noticed the “black lives matter” crowd has not and will not march into the Big Easy and force any politicians to resign over the recent shootings.

No media shills for the DNC will dare ask the black lives matter dopes or Hillary or President Obama about the New Orleans shooting and whether the black lives matter simpletons should march and protest in New Orleans and demand the resignation of New Orleans politicians and New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison.

The black lives matter crowd is a farce, a fraud, a pathetic group of con artists and denial cultists whose singular goal is try to convince Americans that institutional racism still exists when it long ago went the way of the Dodo bird.

If black Americans truly cared about other black Americans like I do, they would admit to the real and present danger facing black Americans: black thugs. And then they would march, protest, and demand change and accountability in black neighborhoods. They should proclaim loud and proud that guns don’t shoot up black neighborhoods, black thugs shoot up black neighborhoods.

The glaring truth is that it isn’t white Americans, white privilege (as if there is such a thing) or the long ago scourge of institutional racism that is the real danger facing black Americans.

The self-inflicted cultural suicide in black America is the abject denial that tens of thousands of blacks are killed by other blacks.

It’s the raging gap, not the trickle.