March 19, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

In the swirling, toxic dust of 9/11, gagging for life itself, America did what she does best and rose together powerfully from a momentary blindsided suckerpunch to stand as strong and united as this old guitar player has ever witnessed her. We stood as one, defiant against an identified enemy and proud of our core Americanism. There was One America on Sept. 12, 2001. It was us versus them. It was beautiful, inspiring and very, very hopeful.

Now I admit, I wasn’t quite here yet in 1945 as the world stood in awe of such authoritative victory of good over evil, when America once again showed a clear cut case of divine intervention, halting the twofold double-tap of pure Japanese and Nazi evil. Even the conquered knew a United States of America was a sure force of good to reckon with.

I did, however, grow up in the inescapable afterglow of World War II, and the term “Greatest Generation” did not have to be explained to the masses, though it should have been. Freedom has never been free, and many of us would have thought that the undeniable good of all that makes an experiment in self-government so beautiful would have been embraced as the self-evident truth of the era.

And it did, at least on the surface, for the longest time. What best described the spirit of America for my generation was overwhelmingly, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather all that you can do for your country.”

Nobody can honestly deny that this honorable guiding battle cry for ultimate quality of life has deteriorated into an indictment of the human soul, where today the whining of so many has become the nasty, soulless cry of, “Refuse to do anything for your country, but demand a list of everything your country must do for you.”

In fact, to hear the mindless hate of the left, you can see that they are actually quite proud of this bloodsucking mantra – bribing, enabling, entitling and enslaving another whole new America of takers instead of givers.

Every word, deed, action, policy, law and squawk from liberal Democrats and the left reeks of robbing from the earners to distribute at their whim to the non-earners. Buy up those votes. They’re going for it.

If ever there were a clear and present anti-American agenda, it is this.

On my side of America are a–-kicking, hard-working, indefatigable, dedicated producers who cannot imagine taking possession of something we did not earn ourselves. And the proof of generosity and love from the producers is irrefutable and legendary, how we take care of our families, neighbors and truly needy fellow Americans and even strangers around the globe in time of need. We provide way more hands-up than we do hand-outs, for we know that able-bodied souls understand deep inside their responsibility to being assets instead of liabilities, and given a prod, will indeed get humping once back on their feet.

Heartbreakingly, as has occurred wherever the desouling scams of socialism and communism have been successfully implemented, weak, herds of uncaring people cut in line to take far more than the truly needy might have coming to them. And when bureaucrats are left in charge, such misplaced compassion goes haywire in a heartbeat. The scammers’ war on poverty creates more poverty, the Great Society goes bust, the New Deal is a raw deal, and Social Security is antisocial and insecure.

Saul Alinsky is bustin’ a gut as Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” suicidal scourge blazes on.

The Two Americas reality is also painfully apparent in the tea-party movement.

On one side, we have the tea party demanding the return of the most fundamental premise of this experiment in self-government, the accountability to our “we the people” employees to answer simple questions and show us the bottom line in what has become the most fraudulent, corrupt, wasteful over-taxing scam in the history of the world. Sure, King George was worse, but this is America. We have no excuse to go backwards.

On the other side, Lois Lerner refuses to answer questions and pleads the Fifth, the whole time surrounded by her fellow unaccountable IRS scam artists and liberal Democrat guard dogs, displaying the worst possible abuses of power imaginable in a supposed free society.

Death tax? Sure, that makes perfect “fair” sense. Steal families’ after-tax savings to give to those who didn’t earn or save. Smells like social justice and economic equality to me.

For demanding accountability, the tea party is attacked with vicious hate by liberal Democrats as being terrorists, racists and criminals. For demanding accountability! Phenomenal.

The line drawn in the sand could not be more obvious and insane, and everywhere I go, good Americans are sickened to the core, genuinely afraid of their own government. The heartbreak is everywhere, and people just don’t know what to do about it.

Good law-abiding Americans are instantly turned into felons in New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and elsewhere for owning simple firearms or magazines that are perfectly legal across the land. Engineered felons for doing nothing wrong, while our government violates the Constitution ex post facto clause and willfully infringes where they are forbidden by law to infringe. But we’re the bad guys. Planet of the apes.

What will it take to wake up the takers to admit that they are destroying this once great, proud, ultra productive last best nation on earth? Can we arouse them from their sheep-like stupor? Can we awaken the joyous, fulfilling spirit of self-sufficiency and real independence? Does there remain a spark of being the “best that you can be” as they flounder with their hands outstretched for more stolen redistributed stuff from those who earned it? Can their sense of guilt overpower their greed?

I am fighting daily, ever hopeful that these Two Americas will unite again to stand together with pride of productivity and earned ownership that created the greatest individual freedom and liberty the world has ever known. Fight like you mean it, good America. She is on the ropes.