Can’t we all just get along? Hell no!

March 16, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Division: You know, the proper and intelligent separation of differing ideas, choices, right and wrong, good and evil, law and order versus crime, cats and dogs, lions and lambs, my greasy BBQ and some vegan’s seaweed, common-sense stuff like that. In most cases, division is not only a good thing, but essentially desirable in order to achieve meaningful quality of life for individual and diverse choices in life.

For example, in my exciting, industrious life as a musician, I have always intentionally divided myself from stoned, irresponsible, slobbering, suicidal, inept, stinky hippies and low-man-on-the-totem pole, half-baked musicians that just don’t cut the mustard.

Why on earth would anyone want to “unite” with such counterproductive humanity?

In spite of the late not-so-great Rodney King’s goofy, fantasyland mantra, intentional, smart-choice division is why we have jails and prisons. It is always a good idea to divide the good from the bad and the ugly.

No, Rodney, we can’t all just get along until the evil punks stop being evil punks.

And so divisive conduct rages on, most notably at this time in American history between Democrats and Republicans. And yes, the lines are more obscured today than maybe ever before, as corruption, abuse of power, runaway dishonesty and criminal oath violations now run amok in both parties, and hence, more graphic division between we the people and our turncoat elected employees.

The rather profound prediction that this experiment in self-government can only last until the people discover how they can vote for carpetbaggers and scam artists that promise to redistribute to the bloodsuckers the earnings of others has heartbreakingly come to fruition. This is why America is getting weaker and less American by the day.

What America needs now more than ever is a more intense division between the haves and have nots, forcing the have nots to work harder, or at least work smarter in order to achieve the same that those of us who keep our nose to the grindstone have earned and achieved.

It’s not rocket science, but clearly to the Democratic sheep and Bernie Mao Sanders losers, a mysterious not-so-self-evident truth that earning your own way and living responsibly within one’s means is available to every able-bodied America if they would just be honest with themselves and face the music and dance like they mean it.

As outsiders like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to connect with more and more hardworking Americans, the embarrassing status quo entrenched GOP establishment just keeps on digging their disconnect hole deeper and deeper by the minute.

How stupid does one have to be in the presence of overwhelming statistics that the GOP and America-hating liberal Democrats are not angry at Trump and Cruz, they are angry at we the people for finally standing up to the inexcusable behavior of politicians gone mad.

I’ve painfully enumerated the exhaustive laundry list of dishonesty, disrespect, criminality, waste and oath-violating abuse of power by the political elite in my writings too many times to count, yet still these denial gagged punks will not admit it.

Hey Mitt Romney, you had your chance. You were given the ultimate opportunity to respectfully represent we the common-sense, working-hard, playing-hard Americans – and you blew it royally.

Every time you condemn Donald Trump, you not only dig your hole deeper, you further galvanize good Americans to support the defiant ones who better represent us.

How can you not get that?

Entrenched good old boy denial, that’s how.

So here’s to better, more effective divisiveness. We don’t want less division; we want more division between good and evil, right and wrong, honest and dishonest, earners and bloodsuckers, the law-abiding and the criminals, the responsible from the irresponsible, the producers from the takers, good Americans from America haters.

We welcome all good people to unite with the side of righteousness. Until then, may the chasm expand.