Celebrate Hunting Television

March 1, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I’m surprised I don’t just blow up every few minutes every day. Approaching my 70th year of the American Dream, my days remain wall to wall sensual/spiritual stimuli and metaphysical adventure in overdrive.

And I like it.

Take today for example; I awoke to a couple of uppity Labrador retrievers furiously licking me and pawing away on me to join them in the great outdoors. Then this gorgeous blonde Queen of the Forest walks past me in the bathroom with a Cheshire grin and a bombshell boogie-woogie wiggle as I sip a good hot mug of NugeJava with a hint of mocha.

Gazing out the bathroom window I see every imaginable songbird God has blessed us with and a gaggle of fox squirrels vying for the best position at the corn feeder.

Out the living room window I see a small herd of African Scimitar horn Oryx and a great Indian Blackbuck ram chasing a doe all across our 50 acre hayfield.

Taking my morning walk to get my legs and spirit flexing, Happy and Sadie and I jump a trio of fat whitetail does out of the cedar thickets as they prance and leap across the prairie with that beautiful whitetail grace.

Overhead a Peregrine falcon swooshes past the pond with a wiggling fish in its talons. Putting my Miracle Ear hearing aids in, the world comes alive with a cacophony of birdsong to delight me beyond words.

Returning to our little Texas ranch house, I give the dogs their biscuits and I set down my mocha. I then yank an unsuspecting Gibson Les Paul guitar from my arsenal and unleash a flurry of killer all American R&B rock-n-roll soulful grooves that could only come from the hands of a fulltime reasoning predator deeply connected to the miracle of God’s amazing tooth, fang and claw creation.

In the midst of recording my 40-something record, the music has a life of its own and is powerfully accentuated by my daily Spirit of the Wild real nature lifestyle.

Lived with absolute gusto, nature is not only healer, but incredibly influential when it comes to quality of life overall, and my music is clearly a defining reflection of my soul cleansing down to earth hunting life.

After a little while of deliriously stimulating BigFunDirtyGrooveNoize guitar blasts, I give my Les Paul a break, grab my coffee and sit down at the dining room table where NugeFire erupts on a daily basis.

I call my daily radio station interviews to deliver unabashed truth, logic and commonsense, and dare I say powerhouse humor, on allthings we the people American Dream and beyond.

The world has always been crazy, but we are currently breast-stroking against the current of a raging white water rapids of political discontent and hourly fusillades of bizarre cultural abandonment the likes of which we have never seen before.

I do my best we the people hammering to fix it and within an hour or so I open up my poor abused laptop computer and begin my daily electronic media scramble.

With our The Music Made Me Do It 2018 summer tour building steam for a June assault across America, there is a staggering array of pre-production preparations to be nailed down. The list can be overwhelming.

Then there are the rehearsals for the upcoming recording session, songwriting fun, guitar and amp selection and a myriad list of serious responsibilities that qualify as a fulltime job unto themselves.

I not only write these little glowing Nugent gems for various sporting publications, but I have to review our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television edits and communicate with Shemane and editor Dave Watson on our never-ending dedication to continue creating our award-winning killer hunting tv show.

And don’t think for a minute I am failing to perform my brother, hubby, daddy and grandpa duties to my amazing family throughout all this insanity!!

As I review the tsunami of video footage from our 8 to 10 month hunting spree, I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to relive all those magical moments on stand and feel over and over again the stimulating and nerve wracking chills of critter encounters captured on digital technology.

It is here I wish to genuinely Salute and thank my wonderful Spirit of the Wild VidCamDudes and VidCamBabes for their worldclass ultra-stealthy camera control on all those hunts that mean so much to me.

I sincerely thank my Queenie Shemane, Kris Helms, Toby Nugent, Ethan Whiskar, Jenny Olsen, Jim Knapp and all those killer hunting partners over the last 29 years that so effectively film my hunts without spooking the game. Now that takes a very special touch and higher predator level of awareness to accomplish. If you think bowhunting for crazy spooky whitetails is near impossible, you should try doubling the human intrusion and still get to fulldraw!

It is a miracle every time I kid you not!

Filming every hunt throughout the year takes super-human dedication, patience and control and to all those hunting TV teams out there, we thank and SALUTE you all for your amazing efforts to bring such killer reality television to the masses. God bless you all!

Our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild show is obviously very different from all the others, and for the same reason we win so many awards is its no BS, no apology, zero political correctness delivery of real, honest, down to earth, pure American hunting family, hands-on conservation believability and the sheer love of it all.

And we thank you for your support.

So right now I got a CBS television crew on the way here to learn the truth about hunting, firearms, crime, the great NRA and the abject dishonesty of fakenews media, academia, Hollywood and so many in our own government who appear to have lost their souls.

I can virtually guarantee you that I will once again represent absolute self-evident truth, logic, commonsense and the hearts and soul of good American hunting and gun owning families everywhere.

Sometimes we give the world the best we got and we get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best we got anyway. Join the NRA and give away memberships to everyone you know. We the people ROCK!