Celebrate the New Year Everyday

January 25, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Just let me just start out here in our deeranddeerhunting.com world by saying “Happy New Year 2018” again!

It really is amazing and deeply gratifying to celebrate the beginning of yet another year and it thrills me no end just to type the numbers 2-0-1-8 everyday! We are already a month in and as long as we intelligently prioritize our decision-making processes and make smart, responsible choices in life, even in the strange and oftentimes scary culture war conditions and global political upheaval we are facing in our daily lives these days there is no question that we can still carve out our ultimate individual American Dream if we truly want to.

Improvise, adapt and overcome all my USMC jarhead devildogs always tell me!

So to my fellow deerhunting conservation BloodBrothers across the hinterland, I congratulate and salute you for wisely using your well-honed energies and hard-earned resources for this supreme quality of life outdoor lifestyle. We should all be damn proud.

This will mark my 70th (YIKES!) phenomenal hunting season and insane rock-n-roll thunderstorm, and I for one am borderline out of control giddy to see just how it all pans out. For the most part, I indeed know exactly how it will all pan out because, as I have for my entire life, I am in complete control of how my life pans out.

Well, almost complete control, for as we all know Mrs. Nugent has executive veto power over any and all of my decisions, but thanking the good Lord, she nearly always sees things through the same crystal-clear lens that I do, for you see, we both genuflect at the same altar of self-evident truth, logic and commonsense, so very rarely is there any conflict in our American Dream soulmate collaboration.

(And don’t think I fail to thank God everyday for that!)

It is no coincidence that I have chosen to live in Texas, and therefor my 2017/2018 deerhunting fun throttles on full-tilt all the way through February.

This past weekend I joined a gaggle of great Americans around a glowing campfire at the Big Easy Ranch (bigeasyranch.com) in South Texas for a fund raiser for our amazing Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity.

And Lord have mercy did these great Texans ever come through with red, white and blue flying colors, generously and lovingly digging deep and giving a serious chunk-o-change to help save kids’ lives with the great outdoor lifestyle education that our 29-year running charity provides.

Like thousands of private ranches across Texas, the Big Easy is a killer hunting heaven that also has one of the bests golf courses in the country and quite possibly the best food too!

I was fortunate to be guided by Big Easy Ranch wildlife and hunting expert Landon Crow and was able to arrow a monster fallow stag and a trophy Indian Blackbuck with my Mathews Halon.

Though the whitetail deer are abundant and world-class, they once again gave me the slip and though I got close a few times, I was once again skunked on my favorite big game animal.

My best hunting buddies Happy and Sadie got a serious workout as well on pheasants, quail, chukar, and waterfowl, and when my dogs are happy, I am very happy.

This charity fund-raiser was such a wonderful success that we are inspired to make it an annual event. The Big Easy Ranch is located near Columbus, Texas, and is just a short drive from both San Antonio and Houston.

With the extended Texas whitetail season going all the way to the end of February and exotics year-round, plus the world-class golf course, and amazing bird and waterfowl hunting, we expect to do the Nugent/Big Easy boogie sometime in January or February 2019.

If you seek great hunting, delicious food, golf on an award-winning course and hanging by the fireplace with great Americans celebrating the best rock-n-roll soulmusic and story-telling anywhere, all the while raising critical funds to save kid’s lives and crush the anti-hunting, anti-gun fake-news propaganda goofballs, you might want to give the Big Easy a call and come join our backstrap spirit party!

You can visit bigeasyranch.com or call 979-733-8635 and have the time of your life.

In between mostly getting skunked on our SpiritWild Ranch homegrounds, exercising my new Mathews Triax bow, killing ducks and squirrels with the dogs, checking our varmint trapline daily and writing killer new songs for my BigFunDirtyGrooveNoize recording for my 2018 summer tour across America, I live this precious gift of life to the absolute maximum double live Gonzo fullest every inspiring day the good Lord sees fit to give it to me.

Saying Happy New Year doesn’t have to be relegated to the first day of January. Carpe’ Diem like you mean it and live every day like you mean it!

Our God given gift of the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is something to cherish and manage to the best of our ability.

As hunters we are already way ahead of the game in the happiness department, and with focus, skill, good luck and thoughtfulness, 2018 can be the best year of our lives and the best hunting year of our lives.

Happy New Year ya’ all! Happy New Day everyday too!