Come Together Right Now

February 22, 2018 | « back

 By: Ted Nugent

Isn’t it amazing how we hunters can and do carve out our ultimate American Dream with such aplomb in spite of the crazy world all around us! The worst day of hunting is always a wonderful day compared to pretty much all the alternatives. Our sacred time afield surely does cleanse the soul, re-create our spirit and recharge our batteries everytime!

Thank God every day and say Hallelujah like you mean it!

That brings us to all the other things in our lives in between our soul cleansing hunts and the more often than not trials and tribulations of every day existence in a world that continually throws some seriously mind blowing and bizarre curves our way, usually out of nowhere on a damn guaranteed regular basis.

We all have our cross to bear, bear it like you mean it!

As the inescapable reality of daily life sucker-punches us upside the head so often, we rise from the swirling dust of the arena, brush ourselves off, and re-engage anew. Good Americans know there is no Plan B.

But when these difficult times manifest themselves in the heartbreaking horror of innocent life lost at the hands of pure evil in our own neighborhoods, we are tested to the core and have the opportunity to show that tenacious all American true grit that got us here in the first place and will ultimately determine if we survive as a nation and as a species.

We hunters all know that the sacred 2nd Amendment has never had anything to do with hunting, sport or recreation. We know that these Constitutionally guaranteed God given individual rights are based on profound self-evident truth, logic and commonsense and dare I say, Devine Intervention.

There has never before in the history of mankind been such a bold, radical experiment in self government as is the American Dream of assured life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we are truly dedicated to save innocent lives, it is going to take the best of the best American families to stand strong and committed to fight for real world solutions to bring such madness to an end.

It will be up to those of us who actually know the facts and truth about guns and gun ownership to counterpunch the insanity of runaway emotionally driven counterproductive ravings to ban this or that gun or ban this or that ammunition.

FACT1- An AR15 is not an “assault weapon”. We send our US Military heroes into battle with assault weapons and we would never hinder them with a semi-autoloading rifle.

FACT2-An AR15 .223/5.56 rifle is not a “high-powered” weapon. The .223 round is so inadequate in ballistic capability as to be outlawed for deer hunting in most states. A standard 12-gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buck in every one of these mass shootings in confined quarters where NO RESISTANCE is met would be far more deadly and devastating than any AR15 rifle.

FACT3-High capacity magazines play no tactical role whatsoever when the shooter can casually reload at will when no one fights back. A standard 12-gauge shotgun would again be vastly more deadly.

FACT4-When local law enforcement is called to the shooters home 36 times for alerts of violent and threatening behavior, then the FBI is alerted on 3 different occasions of threats to shoot up the school, and these professionals in charge of law and order fail completely to adequately investigate such threats, the “see something say something” mantra becomes a joke.

After studying all these horrific slaughters, every one of these monsters gave repeated warnings over and over again and again to family, neighbors, fellow students, faculty and others that fell on deaf ears with no commonsense preventative action taken. VA Tech, Columbine, Aurora CO, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Florida, all of them.

FACT5- If Eugene Stoner had never invented the Armalite Rifle (AR) way back in the 1950s, I am certain that these evil murderers would have not opted out of their evil ways just because that particular weapon was not around. Again, they would have and could have perpetrated their demonic slaughter with weapons more deadly and available, like any old standard shotgun.

Assault vans were used in France and England. Homemade bombs, box cutters, knives, machetes, rent-a-cars and hatchets can and have become assault weapons when evildoers choose to do so.

Which brings me to actual real-world solutions;

#1- When someone sees something and says something, for God’s sake, DO SOMETHING meaningful and look into it aggressively. The case is not closed until a meaningful conclusion can be drawn.

#2- Teach children to pay attention to their surroundings, friends and fellow students. Teach them to identify bullying and harmful behavior and threats. Teach them to FOLLOW THROUGH!

#3-DEMAND meaningful action from law enforcement and school officials when threatening behavior, words and actions occur.

#4- We have armed security for our money, sporting events, entertainment events, VIPs, elected employees, businesses and so much more. It is time to have trained, armed security for our children at school.

#5- I know for a fact that in every one of these slaughters, there were good Americans on the premises that would have been armed and ready to intervene if the insane laws hadn’t forbidden them to do so. So much for shall not infringe. It is time to allow and encourage such responsible Americans to be armed and capable of defending innocent lives. We are out here ready, willing and able to do so. Unarmed and helpless is an irresponsible and suicidal condition and choice. End it now.

Citizens and parents who truly care will get beyond the overwhelming emotions following these tragedies and demand an end to these well known, proven, engineered dangerous conditions.

It is time to raise hell with our elected government employees and demand these simple upgrades for a safer society, safer schools and an end to these totally predictable scourges.

Be sure you are a member of the NRA.

When the coyotes are killing the cats in our barn, only an idiot would declaw the cats.

No more soft targets.