Communication is Key

July 5, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I often reference all this hyper modern high-tech electronic insanity as a good opportunity to gather round and celebrate this amazing global “electro campfire”!

Everyone knows there is no better environment available to mankind than the down to earth, grounded openness of family and friends sharing our deepest thoughts, ideas, prayers, observations, laughter, emotions, dreams, beliefs and hopes around the eternal flames of a blazing, inspiring campfire.

From the very outset of the Internet and all this intergalactic WiFi phenomenon, I have thoroughly enjoyed the heretofore unprecedented limitless communication capability in this digital age.

And for that I sincerely thank the millions and millions who bless me daily with their heartfelt, diverse and always stimulating communications.

My facebook campfire alone is home of more than 3.5 million folks and I promise you there is never a dull moment!

Recently I joined Joe Rogan on his wildly popular podcast, and as I write this NugeBlog, we remain the #1 podcast on planet earth setting records by the day.

Joe is a popular standup comedian and TV personality deep into the martial arts discipline and a recent newcomer to our beloved hunting lifestyle.

Our 3.5-hour nonstop electro campfire dialog has been celebrated by more than 3 million listener/viewers so far, and according to Joe, a nonstop tsunami of positive feedback.

With the deep spiritual discipline of the martial arts, Joe was better prepared than most to plunge, grasp and understand the physics of spirituality that all us hardcore, dedicated hunters partake in and cherish.

I was warned that Joe was a smart, reasonable, sensible and fun guy and I truly enjoyed our unguarded, full-on uninhibited adventure deep into the human experience as seen and lived by two different guys.

As it turned out, when self-evident truth, logic and commonsense reigns supreme, there really isn’t that much difference in us after all.

Joe was lucky that to be baptized into this miraculous Spirit of the Wild hunting lifestyle by some of the top masters of the sport.

One could not ask for better hunting mentors than Cameron Hanes, Steve Rinella and John Duddly to steer you in the right direction.

Our hunting conservation lifestyle has a serious advocate in Joe Rogan in this otherwise crazy culture war of dishonest political correctness raging against nature and everything good.

As recruitment stagnates and attrition in the hunting ranks accelerates, communication between us and everybody else is critical to keep society informed about the absolute essentiality of hunting, fishing and trapping in the modern world.

Joe knows his stuff and you should all make it a point to check out his podcasts as often as possible. He is a rare positive voice outside the choir and we need all that more now than ever.

Here is the link to my and Joe’s record setting podcast and I look forward and welcome everyone to witness the runaway truth, logic, commonsense and glowing positive spirit by the hour, daily at my

Communication is key. Be a positive force to reckon with for wildlife, individual rights and freedom upgrade in America.