Conservation Gang Warfare

May 3, 2019 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The National Rifle Association. Hunter Nation. Gun Owners of America. Ducks Unlimited. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. National Wild Turkey Foundation. Delta Waterfowl. Pheasants Forever. Trout Unlimited. Quail Unlimited. The Grouse Society. Gun Owners of California. Texas Rifle Association. Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. The Zelman Partisans. The Wild Sheep Foundation. The National Trappers Association. The Boone and Crocket Club. Pope and Young. Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. The Audubon Society. National Wildlife Federation. The Arbor Day Foundation. Safari Club International. The Dallas Safaris Club. The Houston Safari Club. Shikar Safaris. Michigan Conservation Clubs. Michigan Bowhunters. Wisconsin Bowhunters. South Dakota Bowhunters. Nebraska Bowhunters. Alaska Bowhunters.

I’m sure I could go, but this is a partial list of absolutely amazing conservation and freedom organizations to which I have over the many years supported in one way or another.

All 50 states and all Canadian Provinces have various hunting, conservation and gun-rights organizations, and in equally various ways, do wonderful work on behalf of conservation, hunting, fishing and trapping rights and very important freedom-based gun-rights.

And to each and every one of them and their army of activists, I offer a genuine gungho Uncle Ted SALUTE and hearty thank you!

Wherever things go well for us, again in various degrees and ways, it is always because of the nonstop dedication, sacrifices, generosity and efforts of grass roots, family activists fighting constantly to the best of our ability to keep the bureaucratic wolves away from our door.

I absolutely believe that if it weren’t for those organizations listed above, and many others, wildlife and freedom would have deteriorated to a very sad and embarrassing degree by now, especially with the ever-increasing insanity of runaway fakenews, dishonest and disconnected politicians and the phenomenon of political correctness inflamed by the dumbing down of societies.

My friend and great hunter Fred Eichler of the great TV show “Everything Eichler” is actually a member of every bowhunting organization in all fifty states!

Now that’s dedication!

I would hope and encourage my fellow sporters and freedom lovers to admit that freedom is not free, and think real hard about joining your home state’s hunting rights and gun rights orgs to be a force to reckon with.

Membership in national organizations is extremely critical as well. In fact, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that any American that is not a member of the NRA is looked upon as an ally by our enemies.

I am equally convinced that if it were not for the dedicated members and leadership of the mighty NRA, that we would look more like Venezuela by now than the good old US of A that we know and love!

None of these organizations are perfect. Nobody and nothing are. (Well, with one exception, the first two weeks of November are as close to perfect as life has to offer!)

But by being a participating, active member of the team, we can each strive to make them as perfect as we can, and the future for wildlife, conservation, hunting rights and gun rights will be determined by how hard we try.

I can assure you of one inescapable truism- standing on the sidelines squawking and complaining accomplishes nothing good for anything or anybody.

Give it some thought on a surefire way to upgrade your quality of life and sense of accomplishment. Review all the plethora of organizations out here, pick the ones that sound like they address your favorite activities and dreams, sign-up, get involved, and make life better in the future for our children and children’s’ children.

The culture war rages on like mad every day. The enemies of conservation and freedom are relentless.

It’s gang warfare out here! Let’s be the strongest, largest, most dedicated gang of all!

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not only an individual right, it is an individual calling, and together, armies of individuals can facilitate great things.