March 27, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

To know the culture war is raging and that gun rights are the tip of the spear, you need to look no further than what happened to the Moore family who live in Carneys Point, N.J.

Shawn Moore, the father of a good son doing good things, posted an online picture of his smiling and proud boy holding his new rifle. The rifle was the son’s birthday present, the kind of present given to millions of good kids by millions of good parents across America for time immemorial.

The innocent picture of the smiling young boy brought out New Jersey Department of Children and Family caseworkers and the local cops, who reportedly were dressed in black raid gear and wearing body armor.

Reportedly, the dangerously disconnected unprofessionals from the New Jersey Department of Children and Family threatened to take the Moore children from the home for no good reason whatsoever.

Reports are the local cops wanted to search the family home but that Shawn Moore put his attorney on the phone, who told the cops that if they wanted to search the home they would have to first go and get a search warrant. As if the cops didn’t know this already.

The family attorney was spot-on in telling the cops to get a search warrant and for saying that this could have all been avoided with a simple phone call.

It breaks my law-enforcement heart to know that this young boy may now have a frightening and negative image of cops and other authorities for this over-reaction and unnecessarily unprofessional conduct. I can’t blame the lad if he does. What he and his family experienced was scary, ugly, wrong and heavy handed.

How do you explain to the Moore boy that what happened to him was wrong, that the authorities were blatantly abusing power, that there is nothing wrong with the picture and what his father did when his experience tells him otherwise?

What happened to the Moore family is not the America I know and love – the land of the free and home of the brave. What happened reminds me of the actions of some secret police goonsquad in a commie-infested, Third-World cesspool of a country where people are trampled upon by the authorities with reckless abandon.

Someone should be fired for doing this to this young boy and his family, but I bet no one will. That’s not how the out-of-control bureaucracy engine is tuned in these corrupt, troubling times. There is zero accountability among bureaucrat punks who are drunk on power.

If the individual in charge of the New Jersey Department of Children and Family has an ounce of integrity, he or she will offer their resignation. Same goes for the chief of police.

The city cops and the New Jersey Department of Children and Family should publicly apologize to the family, beg them for forgiveness and inform the public of the changes they have made to their procedures so that other families won’t experience the terror that the Moore family felt.

There is no justification for what happened –- not the massacre at Sandy Hook or the slaughter in Aurora. The only excuse for raiding a family home because of a picture of a smiling young boy holding his new rifle is because some bureaucrats are stoned on abuse of power and the insanity of nonsensical hyper fear of guns. Case closed.

It is my hope that someday the entire Moore family could come to the Nugent ranch for a day of firearms fun under the freedom-drenched Texas sun. The young Moore boy and his family could celebrate the time-honored, quality shooting sport that ultimately teaches the “aim small, miss small” marksmanship discipline that tens of millions of American families enjoy week in and week out in every state in the nation. We will spend the day together blazing away with a variety of weapons, hunting varmints, checking traps, eating venison barbecue and going on four wheel drive excursions where no man has gone before.

Note to the soulless bureaucrats: We are going to take plenty of pictures and post them all over the Internet because this is how good, law-abiding American families spend our time. And the Texas authorities will smile with approval, because they do the same good, proper, legal things.