Counterterrorism for July 4: Citizens with guns

July 1, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I have written passionate, joyous, sincere Happy Independence Day celebrations many times over the years. After all, the Nugent tribe celebrates Independence Day every day of the year, with vigor, for we know how this uniquely American day, spirit and reality is something whose origins we should never forget – and we should never fail to appreciate the hard-earned freedoms that go with it.

Sadly, for too many years now the emphasis of my writings has been painfully on the engineered deterioration of real honest-to-God rugged individualism and independency, and rather lamenting the new, embarrassing acceleration of soulless, wimpy dependency.

All one has to do is admit to the scourge of the exploding, totally unnecessary and inexcusable welfare state, the constant whining of unearned entitlement, the mindlessness dishonesty of political correctness and the runaway abuse of power and criminality throughout our government to see the results of the successful dumbing down of America.

Though clearly not universal, and only the guilty need feel guilty, the economic engine that drives America and our inherent quality of life is supported and delivered exclusively on the shoulders of the remaining real Americans, those of us not falling for the scam of feebleness, excuse making, constitutional violation and the resultant dependency that further weakens the nation by the minute.

I keep hearing and actually asking myself, “What’s next? Can it get much worse?”

And sure as hell, more and more bizarre and scary things happen on a continuing basis. Being ganged up on by the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our government all at once more and more these days, I join many good Americans searching desperately for leadership that can help steer us out of these tragic times.

This Fourth of July weekend is probably needed more than ever for a getaway from the madness and chaos that is this putrid fundamental transformation trainwreck, but allow me to sound an alarm for those who are still independent and wish to remain so.

Let me see the hands of real independents that have a spare tire and the proper tools to change a flat.

Let me see the hands of those responsible household leaders who have a complete first-aid kit with them for the weekend and, quite honestly, accessible at all times throughout the year.

Let me see the hands of all genuine rugged individuals that have up-to-date fire extinguishers at hand, not only because fireworks will be erupting, but because without a fire extinguisher you are indeed not independent.

And the Independence Day clincher for 2015: Let me see the hands of all those conscientious Americans with a firearm and ample ammunition on their person.

No, really. Let me see your hands.

According to past and present CIA, FBI, DHS, ATFE and assorted military intelligence masters, a Tunisia-type terrorist attack is a very real threat here on the homeland over this Fourth of July weekend.

I can hear the whiney sheep baaaaaa … baaaaa … baaaaaaa’ing away at the paranoid silliness of the old NRA guitarplayer, foolishly thinking, “everyone should carry a loaded gun.”

Knowing my fellow man all too well, I would never assume everyone would ever do the right thing. I’m therefore alerting only those who are smart enough and care enough and who actually celebrate Independence Day properly by actually being independent and capable of independently taking care of business.

There are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. I get that, but I don’t like it. The choice is yours: sheep, wolf or sheep dog.

You can choose to be an unarmed, helpless victim if you wish, as the dumbing down and propaganda ministry has brainwashed you to be.

You can choose to be an evil attacker.

And we who care more and know better can choose to be protectors to stop the wolves from killing the sheep.

Life is a series of choices. Pick one.

Good independent souls with guns should have been on the beach in Tunisia, should have been at Luby’s cafeteria, should have been at Columbine, should have been at Virginia Tech, should have been at the Aurora movie theater, should have been in Tucson, sure as hell should have been at Fort Hood, should have been at the AME church in Charleston.

Sheep dogs should be everywhere, because sheep and wolves are.

There are more than ample numbers of capable Americans to adequately protect most areas this coming weekend – and every day, everywhere, for that matter – if they would just choose to do so.

If we honestly add up all the current and ex-law enforcement, current and ex-military and the vast army of law-abiding citizen gun owners across America, I am confident that any attempt at terrorism like we saw in so many of these instances could be greatly reduced and in many cases halted altogether.

The best way to celebrate this grand American Independence Day holiday, is to be independent and live independently.

Enjoy the fireworks. Be prepared to make some of your own.