DeerCamp 2018

November 8, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Chris was hunkered down with his crossbow in a beautiful ravine between a stunning cattail rimmed lake and a high cut ridge sloping up to a withered cornfield. The fall colors and soothing cacophony of wildlife sounds made this deery zone all the more stimulating and he could sense he was in the lap of God.

With a rare southeast wind nipping at his cheek, he wasn’t really surprised at all when a handsome butterball unicorn spike buck appeared out of the reedgrass puckerbrush ahead, and with deadly predator stealth he sent his broadhead tipped bolt straight into the life giving pumpstation of the young buck for a quick, happy backstrap dream.

Anthony made the long drive from New Jersey for his Uncle Ted deerhunting dream, and knew he was in one of my favorite ladderstands as he settled in for his evening vigil.

Green foodplots to his right and a magical marsh to his left, the natural corridor of his narrow woodlot had all the markings of the ultimate critter ambush setup, and he was ready to rock.

A few does first appeared before him where the emerald green field interspersed with the tall weed growth and as he lifted his crossbow, he sensed a lifeform behind him. Slowly pivoting thataway, he came eyeball to eyeball with a handsome six-point buckaroo and in an instant sent his razor tipped deathray into the vitals of his first Michigan strapper.

Skip made the short drive from his home and family deercamp near Grand Rapids, Michigan to share a spirit campfire with his favorite Uncle, and he could tell he was in a great spot.

Comfortable in the cold November drizzle all dry and warm in a weatherproof Shadow Hunter blind, Skip had his crossbow cocked, locked and ready to rock doc when a dark form skulked out of the edge of the standing corn at treeline.

In an instant his lifetime of dedicated deerhunting paid off with a quick kill on a dandy 8-point stag.

Al flew all the way from the Kenai peninsula in Alaska to return to his Michigan deerhunting roots and felt right at home 14 feet up in a sturdy ladderstand on a giant white oak tree separating a green foodplot and a nasty raspberry thicket on a wide, wooded fencerow.

Unfortunately, a slight range miscalculation ended up with a close miss over the fine buck’s back, but Al’s enthusiasm wasn’t diminished one little bit.

Meanwhile, I may be the dedicated, professional host for this special hunt, but I too would never forego an afternoon hunt in the month of November, no matter what, and my exciting afternoon ended up bringing a hard-earned swamp donkey backstrapper to join the other trophies on our celebratory buckpole at the end of a wonderful day of bowhunting the mighty whitetail deer of America’s heartland.

Son Toby and master-guide Paul loaded up deer and hunters as we all gathered around the gutting station to share exciting stories and details of our great critter encounters and hunts.

Back at our snug Sunrize Safaris bunkhouse, George had whipped up another soul warming meal and the night roared on with goodtimes and fun stories shared to top off another killer traditional day of deerhunting in America.

Hammered relentlessly over many years with inquiries about this passionate hunting lifestyle of mine, we decided to open up our sacred family hunting grounds in southern Michigan and at our Texas ranch to personally guide and outfit hunters who wanted to see how the Nugent’s celebrate our seasons.

Based on our closely monitored deer herd numbers, we are able to book the right number of bowhunters to properly manage our buck and doe populations while sharing a very special deerhunting experience and campfire spirit with hunters from around the country.

We are running over 100% kills with most hunters taking both their buck and a doe most years.

There is a clear and present family feeling in our camps with great Americans joining us each and every year.

We all love to hunt and we cherish everyday afield. But when you can share these special times with like minded conservationists that dedicate their lives to God, family, country and wildlife, the intensity of every hunt crescendos to a higher place.

In a world gone cuckoo with fakenews, political correctness and downright criminal insanity at every turn, our precious hunting time and friends is more important to us than ever before.

When we perform our We The People duties in this hard earned experiment in self-government to the best of our ability, we can use all the truth, logic and commonsense confidence building we can get, and no environment provides such a positive reminder of the ultimate good of humanity like the spirit around a deerhunting campfire.

If you like positive spirit, backstraps, bloody arrows, lots of laughter, killer food. wonderful wild land and wildlife and the best damn guitar cranking hunting music in the world, Sunrize Safaris has no equal.

Join us daily if not hourly on my facebook boogie, call SUNRIZE SAFARIS at 517.750.9060 or visit my website and see if this is a hunt celebration for you. We have so much fun, it ain’t right.