February 3, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Thinking, knowledgeable, educated people who actually pay attention to the world around us recoil in abject horror every time we witness a Democrat speak. It is unfathomable to logically consider anything they stand for. If God indeed works in mysterious ways, liberal Democrats will go down in history as the ultimate mystery. These people are a strange, dangerous subspecies for sure.

So let me get this right; the world rejoiced when the Berlin Wall was torn down by freedom-loving, freedom-demanding people, but right here in America we have this Bernie Sanders freak who wants to give communism another shot. And gaggles of clueless freaks show up to cheer him on?

If that’s not a profound test of logic, I don’t know what is.

Free education? Free health care? Free everything? Free? Where have we heard this before? Jim Jones and Mao Zedong come to mind.

What sort of chemical warfare must one conduct on one’s self to think there is free anything? I’m not saying that old Bernie and his brainwashed sheeple are all dopers, I’m just saying they act and think like dopers. Who knows?

And damn that pesky capitalism for sure. Who do all those hardworking, clever, industrious, productive people think they are anyway? Everybody knows that we don’t need big business or small businesses to provide jobs, services, food, clothing, assorted products and innovative quality-of-life support systems.

We could always rely on the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter goofballs to keep the food, fuel, energy, medicine and life-supporting goods flowing. Hard workers and entrepreneurs are so overrated.

Shouldn’t a team of scientists and psychics perform tests and experimentation on liberals to find out at what point they discard logic, self-evident truth, ubiquitous evidence, honesty, history and reason? I think they should.

It would be fascinating to discover what makes Michael Moore, Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman Shultz, Obama, Clinton et al. tick.

It would also be downright fascinating to find out how a human being can fail to grasp that rewarding people to not earn their own way is a guaranteed recipe for non-productivity.

Can these people dare claim they don’t know how they are making America weaker and helping make our enemies stronger? How is this thought process possible?

The Chinese love Democrats.

Common-sense gun safety regulations? Just what the hell does that mean? As I write this there are approximately 100 or so lovely firearms at my immediate disposal, and like the hundreds of millions of legally owned arms in America, none of them is in any way unsafe.

With definitive evidence that gun free zones are where the most innocent lives are always lost, what could possibly be the mental makeup/derangement of a person who would want more of them?

That Sanders and Clinton et al. want to hold gun manufacturers liable for the illegal use of their legal products may very well be the ultimate example of madness. Pure LSD speak.

So if a bank robber uses a Ford for a getaway car, should we be able to sue the Ford Motor Company?

What if the bank robbers were wearing Levi’s?

And what sort of crazy actually believes a nation’s borders are superfluous? Open borders? Where does this work? If this isn’t universally known to be a recipe for disaster, then I will help save the whales.

But it gets worse.

Have you seen the Clockwork Orange Soilent Green Cuckoo’s Nest zombies cheering for our favorite felon? No, I don’t mean Eric Holder or Lois Lerner or Van Jones. I’m referring to No. 1 – the queen of lies, one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Can anyone explain in human terms how these zombies actually don’t give a damn how she systematically engineered the murders of four fellow Americans in Benghazi? Seriously?

And then horror of horrors, she then had the evil audacity, like her president and fellow Democrat scammers, to lie to the world and the families of her victims that it all happened because of a video.

What difference does it make? Really? To soulless zombies, apparently not much.

They can actually stand there like so many pathetic sheep and listen to this rotten liar claim she gives a damn about women’s rights? When do those women’s rights occur? Before or after she covers for her serial rapist husband?

And the madness goes on. Madness seems to be fun for mad people, but for the rest of us, truth, logic, common sense, goodwill, decency and justice still matter, and we will not go anywhere near the America-destroying madhouse of the left except to expose and halt their planned ruination of the last best place.