Studio Albums

Written by:
Ted Nugent – Broadhead Music ASCAP
Brendon Lynch – Rye Finger Music ASCAP
Greg Wells – IRS Music/Greg Wells Music BMI
Michael Lutz – Tooney Loons Publishing ASCAP
Damon Johnson – EMI Virgin Music Inc./Heathalee Music ASCAP
Alto Reed – Pure Harmony Publishing ASCAP
Mastered by Joe Lambert at Classic Sound, NYC

Nuge Band is:
Ted – Full Bluntal Nugity
Marco Mendoza – bass guitar, percussion & vocals
Tommy Clufetos – drums, percussion & vocals
BBQ Funk Brotha thanx to Tommy Clufetos Sr. For the soulsSAXslam on pussywhipped.
The SpiritWild wench warblers on Wang Dang Doodle are Taryn Hofert, Emily Clark-Love & Bridget Rothenberger.

Management: Doug Banker
McGhee Entertainment
Suite 200, 8730 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069

Photos by Spindler & Vaughn
NUGEband photos by Mark Weiss
Art/Design: Alexandros Maslatzides / Studio Pangaia

An All American Damn Yankee warrior commando Blood Brother TribeNuge R & B rock-n-roll outrage salute to workin hard playin hard rockin hard livin huge America & beyond for the gravity defying career & goodtimes and to Doug Banker, Linda Peterson, Jim Lawson, Paul Wilson, Connie Strine, Kathy Valdez, Bob Quandt, Jessica Spilos, Paul Bibeau, Adam Kornfeld, Ward Parker, Chuck Buzzy, Charlie Creelman, Dennis Arfa, Bernie Fischbach, Paul Schindler, Matt Greenberg, Rich Keil, all my TNUSA Tribe, Peavey, Gibson, GHS Strings, PRS, Korg, Bill Wenzloff & Morely, Eric Stollsteimer & Ron Kramer at Boss Guitars Ann Arbor, MI, Michael Lutz Tazmania Studios Ann Arbor, MI, Jack Blades & family at RanchRock, Tommy Shaw, Michael Cartellone, Damon Johnson, Kid Rock, Steve & Gary Sims families & Sims Vibration Labs, Shelton, WA, Bill & Sandy Weisner & Renegade Archery, Midge Rafferty, The Outdoor Channel, Outdoor Edge, RawDog Detroit Horsepower transpo THANX to Steve Hanks & Holt Auto Sales Holt, MI & Brian Daugherty & Off Road Motorsports Grand Rapids, MI. Fleshpower Pastrami deliHell thanks to Laura & Barry Bagels in Ann Arbor. Shemane, Sasha, Toby, Starr, Rocco, Riley, Jack, Jeff, Johnny & Kathy & families are my life. Marco Mendoza thanks Steve & Michelle at Peavey electronics, Paul Kramer & Korg, Michael Connoly & Dean Markley strings, Oscar Herrera tech support, superwife Leah & kids & family & god for allowing this great life to continue. Tommy Clufetos thanks Mom, Dad, Jessica, Lacy & Jamie, Rusty Martin at Sonar Drums, Anthony Corona at Istambul Cymbals, Greg Lohman & Ed Sargent at Johnny Rabb Drumsticks.


Amped up on sex, survival and six-string shredding, the 31st recording from the Nuge is as raw and alive as his early classics. Ted stays true to form and Craveman stays loud and fierce. Some say lyrically offensive, others say powerful - either way, this is classic Ted.

Released: September 23, 2002
Record Label: Spitfire

  • 2. Crave
  • 5. At Home There
  • 8. I Won’t Go Away
  • 12. My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz
  • 13. Sexpot