Live Releases

Ted Nugent: Guitars, lead vocals
Derek St. Holmes: Lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Rob Grange: Bass
Cliff Davies: Drums

Produced by: Lew Futterman & Tom Werman for the Next City Corporation
Assistant to the producers: Ric Browde
All songs arranged by: Ted Nugent
Engineered by: Tim Geelan (Mixer and Engineer-In-Chief) and Don Puluse
Studio: CBS, New York (Mixing & Editing)
Remote Recorders: Reelsound (Chet Himes & Malcolm Harper) except for "Stormtroopin" Haji Sound (Alex Kazanegas) and "Stranglehold" Fedco Audio (Tom Arrison, Bob Dickinson & Perry Cheatham)
Management: David Krebs & Steve Leber (Leber-Krebs Inc.)
Agents: Dave Leone, Nick Caris & Troy Blakely (DMA)

Road Staff
Tour Manager: Jim Curnutt
Crew Chief: Kraig Colburn
Stage Manager: John Conk
Sound Mixer: David “Dansir” McCullough
Stage Technicians: Floyd “Flapper” Black, Billy Robbins, John Gosman & Jeff Lloyd
Lights: See Factor (John Watkins & Jim Clentimack)
PA: TFA Electrosound (Geoff Newsome & Jim Douglas)
Amplifiers: Fender (Dave Gupton)
Transport: Windy Johnson
Publicity: Laura “Kaboom” Kaufman
In The Wings: Al Nalli Music, Bruce Palley, Mel Baister, Jim Charne, Chuck & Ruth Nihart

Photography: David Gahr
Design: John Berg & Paula Scher
Lettering: Gerard Huerta

Recording Details
"Just What The Doctor Ordered"
"Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"
"Cat Scratch Fever"
Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, July 1977

"Yank Me, Crank Me"
"Baby, Please Don’t Go"
Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene, Texas
November 1977

"Motor City Madhouse"
"Great White Buffalo"
Dallas, July 1976

Seattle Center Coliseum, August 1977

San Antonio Convention Center, July 1976

Civic Center, Springfield, Mass., June 1976

Joe Freeeman Coliseum, San Antonio, November 1977

All songs written by Ted Nugent except "Baby, Please Don’t Go" published by Leeds Music Ltd and "Great White Buffalo" and "Hibernation" published by Magicland Music/Rug Music

Re-issue credits
Designed by: Hugh Gilmour
Additional photography: Ross Halfin

Remastered in 2006 by Jon Astley for Close To The Edge Mastering. Sound shaped from 24 bit digital tools via POW-r
Rock Candy salutes: Doc McGhee, Doug Banker, Hugh Gilmour, Ross Halfin, Linda Peterson & Monte Connor


Originally released in 1978 on Epic Records 88282. Issued under licence from Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

1978 - LP - Epic
1990 - CD - Columbia/Epic
2006 - Rock Candy - Different Album Artwork

Double Live Gonzo!

Sweaty Teddy did well with his first few record releases, but something was lacking – the gut-punching and hard-hitting explosion that is a live Nuge concert! Double Live Gonzo! show Nugent and his band in top shape as they bludgeon your eardrums with their classic and numerous hits.  This triple platinum record contains explosive live versions of Nuge classics like "Cat Scratch Fever", "Yank Me, Crank Me", and "Great White Buffalo".

Released: January 1978
Record Label: Epic

  • 1. Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • 2. Yank Me, Crank Me
  • 3. Gonzo
  • 4. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  • 5. Great White Buffalo
  • 7. Stormtroopin’
  • 8. Stranglehold
  • 9. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
  • 10. Cat Scratch Fever
  • 11. Motor City Madhouse