Studio Albums

The Spirit of the Wild TV show wins the only important award there is - The People's Choice Award. The Nugent family takes this American Dream stuff to heart, and certainly the universal communication of soulful music reflects the emotion, passion and FUN of all things beyond the pavement as natural, God created predator/consumers with reason, intelligence & respect, naturally functioning as we were designed. These NugeTunes provide the heart and soul soundtrack to the ultimate "hands-on" conservation lifestyle of hunting, fishing, shooting & trapping as honorable connections to the good mother earth and the perfection of tooth, fang and claw reality. We rock. God Bless the Spirit. The beast is dead, long live the beast. - Ted Nugent

Hunt Music

This Nuge compilation album features a collection of classic tracks along with some instrumental songs that are perfect for fishing in a canoe or getting amped up for your hunting trip. The track “I Wanna Go Hunting” was a previously unreleased Nuge song while “Sunrize” will bring a tear to your eye and awaken your inner hunter.

Meanwhile “Fred Bear” will  speak to your inner hunter about the peacefulness and stillness that comes with being immersed in nature.

Released: June 1, 2004
Record Label: Broadhead Music

  • 1. Spirit Of The Wild
  • 2. Fred Bear Jam (Live)
  • 4. Tooth, Fang & Claw
  • 5. Fred Bear – The Original
  • 7. I Just Wanna Go Hunting
  • 8. Sunrize Narrated
  • 10. My Bow & Arrow
  • 11. Great White Buffalo