Studio Albums

TED NUGENT: Lead & rhythm guitars, lead vocals, bass guitar on “If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…”
DAVE AMATO: Background vocals, second rhythm guitar on “If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…”, “Separate The Men…”, “Funlover”
PAT TORPEY: Drums and background vocals
CHUCK WRIGHT: Bass guitar
JAI WINDING: Hammond B3 on “Separate The Men…”, “Can’t Live With ‘Em”
TOM WERMAN: Percussion

Engineer: Duane Baron
Additional Engineering: Richard McKernan
Engineering Assistant: Gary Wagner, Bryan Arnett
Recorded and mixed at Conway Recording Studios, LA, 1987
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Special thanks to Nadine, Jill and Buddy at Conway

Original package art direction: Bob Defrin
Front cover photo: Roy Volkmann
Back traycard and live photo by Ross Marino
Digitally re-mastered by: Eric Conn at Georgetown Mastering
Project coordinator: Shawn Quinn
Art direction & design: Peter Tsakiris, Drunken Monkey Studios

All songs written and arranged by Nugent except “That’s The Story Of Love” written by Nugent, Bon Jovi, Sambora.

Thanks to: Dave Amato, Paul Reed Smith, Dave Kiswiney, Bob Quandt, Bobby Oberdorsten, NiteBob, Sparky Anderson, Don Hermanson, Elaine & Rhonda, Mitch Snyder, Del Furano, Jay Rosenthal, Bernie Fischbach, Jill & Amy, Alvaradskee, Pam Heitzman, Laura Kaufman, Doc, John, Ritchie & the boys, Paco The Wonderdog 1971-1987, Sasha & Toby for their love and patience. All the folks at Atlantic Records and the entire WEA team.

In memory of ROSS MARINO – World’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographer.

1990 - CD & CS / Atlantic
2001 - CD / Spitfire

If You Can’t Lick ‘Em… Lick ‘Em

This classic Nuge studio album is an innuendo-ridden tribute to Uncle Teddy’s favourite pastime – and we don’t mean hunting deer! It features Ted teaming up with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora on “That’s The Story of Love”. This final Nuge album of the 1980s is one of his strongest of the decade, bringing home the compact and intense sounds of Ted’s guitar licks.

Released: February 1988
Record Label: Atlantic

  • 1. Can’t Live With ‘Em
  • 6. Spread Your Wings
  • 10. That’s The Story Of Love