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Compilation Producer: Bob Irwin
Remastered by Chris Herles; additional digital transfers by Warren Weberg, Sony Music Studios, New York
Project Direction: Gary Pacheco
Art Direction: Rita Zaitschek
Photos Courtesy of Sony Music Archives, Neil Zlozower, and Ted Nugent
Package Coordination: Gina Campanaro
Graphic Arts Production Mgr: Charlie Sarrica

Special Thanks to Doug Banker, Ted Nugent, Tom Werman, Jon Hafter (The Archive Of Contemporary Music, NY) and Michael Mazzarella.

Sincere appreciation to the following who helped make this collection possible and who will help make this collection successful. Paul Schindler, Rob Cohen, Ted Green, Tony Martell, John Doelp, Sandy Minasian, Melani Rodgers, Andy Schwartz, Jerry Shulman, Joanne Sloan, Chris Barsa, Rita Cox, David Krebs, Connie Lofton, Tamara Shad, Herb Cohen, Evan Cohen, Frankie LaRocka, David Wild, Jessica Sowin, Ted, Ted & Ted.

Much appreciation to Jeanne Christiansen at Madhouse for her constant vigilance.

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Out Of Control

Be bludgeoned by the ferocity and rawness of previously unreleased tracks in this box set. Rolling Stone writer David Wild, and Ted himself, contribute to the 36-page full-color liner notes speckled with great images of the family-values spokesman.

A man who was punk way before punk and grunge decades before grunge, Ted Nugent has somehow managed to keep a virtual stranglehold on his dog-eat-dog brand of guitar rock for more than a quarter century now. Out of Control is the first comprehensive look at the golden era of Ted.

Released: June 22, 1993
Record Label: Epic

  • 1. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  • 2. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  • 3. You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire
  • 4. Gloria
  • 5. Call Of The Wild
  • 6. Great White Buffalo
  • 7. Stranglehold
  • 8. Stormtroopin’
  • 9. Hey Baby
  • 10. Motor City Madhouse
  • 11. Free-For-All
  • 12. Dog Eat Dog
  • 13. Turn It Up
  • 14. Street Rats
  • 15. Magic Party
  • 16. Hammerdown
  • 17. Cat Scratch Fever
  • 18. Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang
  • 19. Live It Up
  • 22. Oh Carol
  • 23. Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • 24. Yank Me, Crank Me
  • 26. Need You Bad
  • 27. Weekend Warriors
  • 28. Paralyzed
  • 29. State Of Shock
  • 30. Wango Tango
  • 31. Scream Dream
  • 32. Terminus Eldorado
  • 33. Jailbait
  • 34. Little Miss Dangerous