Studio Albums

Art Direction by Ted & Donald May
Cover photo taken by Steve Galli at Detroit’s Cobo Arena on January 1, 1995
Inside photos by Bob Alford, Michael S. Miller & Lisa Spindler
Style by Ma Nature & Mariah
Hair & makeup by Earl Shieb

All songs published by ©1995 BROADHEAD MUSIC, ASCAP.
Produced by Michael Lutz for M.E. Productions & Ted
Engineered by Jim Vitti & Michael Lutz
Mixed by Michael Lutz & Jim Vitti
Technical assistance by Brian Delaney & Jeff Campo
Recorded & Mixed at TAZMANIA STUDIOS, P.O. Box 3182, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Derek St. Holmes — vocals
Michael Lutz — bass, vocals & keys
Denny Carmassi — drums
Ted Nugent — guitars, vocals, lyrics, attitude, backstraps & security
Larry Fretangelo — percussion
Benny Rappa — drums on "Wrong Side Of Town," background vocals on "Heart & Soul" & "Wrong Side Of Town"
Gunner Ross — drums on "Fred Bear"
Doug Banker — piano on "Hot Or Cold," background vocals on "Spirit Of The Wild" & "Kiss My Ass"

Dedicated to the soul of Rock-N-Roll
Commando Steve Fortney, Bruce Bird & Fred Bear, "In the wind..."

Management: Doug Banker, MADHOUSE MANAGEMENT, P.O. Box 15108, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Booking Agent: Dennis Arfa, QBQ Entertainment, New York, NY
Tour Merchandise: Winterland Productions, San Francisco, CA

I love madly, Shemane, Starr, Sasha, Toby & Rocco and all my family.

GONZO THANX to Lori, Angela, Amanda Carmassi, Mel, Bernice, Rhonda, Keely, Christian & Nina St. Holmes, Lester & Mildred McCampbell, Rolly & Lizzy Lutz, Ann & Mike Dunn, Fred & Henrietta Bear, Doug Banker & Dan Carroll at MADHOUSE, Dennis Arfa & QBQ, Doug Morris, Val Azzoli, Jason Flom, Kim Kaiman & all my ATLANTIC RECORDS family, Mitch Schneider at THE MITCH SCHNEIDER ORGANIZATION, Bernie Fischbach, Earl & Lori Miles, Tim Barron, Rush Limbaugh, Steve Brown, Kit Carson, Kevin Matthews, Lee Abrams, John Kalodner, Ward Parker, Bill Martin, Tim Scarpino, Eva Cooper, Bob & Allison Quandt, Geoff & Linda Buitendorp, Bill & Binnie Chrysler, Bill "Ripp" Mayes, Dean Mitchell, Mark Newman, Linda Peterson, Kevin Ackley, Nancy & Phil Gilpin & family, Cyndy Brogdon, Shantelle Coats-Burns, Connie Nelson, Aubrey Watson, Vickie Richardson, Tonya Hatch, Mark & Betty Ditzel, Dennis & Kelly Crawford, Lisa Harper, Rob & Mary Gilpin, Laura Brockie, Jason Parish, Tony McCall, Bob & Debbie Miles, Terry Martin, Scott Landwehr, Bruce Cull & Scott Aase at DAKOTA ARCHERY, Claude, Ruth & Matt Pollington at BUCK POLE ARCHERY, Carole Barnett, all the TNWB Commandos, Paul Reed Smith & Bonnie at PRS Guitars, Hartley Peavey, Len McRae, Don Pitts & Tim Bolin at GIBSON USA, Jim Dunlop & Julie, Annie & Charlie One Horse, Mike Wood & FORD, Gary Sitton, Bobby & Risa Parker family & Steve Warner at BUSHLAN, Rob, Joel, Greg, Scott & all at NALLI’S MUSIC, Greg Collins at LEGEND PICKS, JR & George Luther at RHYTHM CITY, the NRA, workin’ hard, playin’ hard, shitkicker America, Ma-Nature & the SPIRIT OF THE WILD, all the long-term believers across the fruited plains, in radio, TV, the media & beyond, those DAMN YANKEES: Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Michael Cartellone & families, Bud Prager, Gary Bird, Karmen Beck, Michael Ostin & my friends at Warner Bros., the AMERICAN SHOOTING SPORTS COUNCIL, Jay Jones at NOBLE & COOLEY, Eric & Tony at GMS DRUMS, Gary Clark & Eric at PAISTE, AKG/DBX, ZILDJIAN, Dave & GHS Strings, TASCAM, Mark & RIT DRUMS, Doug Brandon, Steve "the Weave" Weaver, Sparky, Arnie Newman, Nick Zorney, Mike Aderjan at A.J. SERVICES, Ren Snyder & family, Cliffton Chippewa, Tom Pellerito, Blue Miller, Gerald & American Music, Benny & Pat Rappa, Jeff Gilbert, Laura Wyraz & the Gonzo Pastrami SWAT Team at BARRY BAGEL’S!

Spirit of the Wild

This record is often hailed as Uncle Ted’s finest musical moment. Slicing away all of the filler and extras, this album throws down to the nitty-gritty of rock and roll, demonstrating his passion for hunting, family and his Wildman tendencies! With tracks like “Thighraceous”, “Fred Bear”, and “Tooth, Fang & Claw” you’ll be sure to be feeling the spirit of the wild within you!

Released: May 2, 1995
Record Label: Atlantic

  • 1. Thighraceous
  • 2. Wrong Side Of Town
  • 3. I Shoot Back
  • 4. Tooth, Fang & Claw
  • 5. Lovejacker
  • 6. Fred Bear – The Original
  • 7. Primitive Man
  • 8. Hot Or Cold
  • 9. Kiss My Ass
  • 10. Heart & Soul
  • 11. Spirit Of The Wild
  • 12. Just Do It Like This