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Detroit's Ted "The Nuge" Nugent is one of rock's greatest anomalies. Following his run with the Amboy Dukes, Nugent hit the peak of his fame in the mid-1970s playing a high-octane brand of screaming arena rock and putting on one of the most over-the-top stage shows ever. Yet in a decidedly un-rock-and-roll fashion, Nugent has always been an avid outdoorsman, stridently opposed to drug use, and fiercely conservative in his politics. Love him or hate him; he's the one, the only, the Nuge.

Released: January 27, 1998
Record Label: Legacy Recordings

  • 1. Stormtroopin’
  • 2. Free-For-All
  • 3. Cat Scratch Fever
  • 4. I Want To Tell You
  • 5. Take It Or Leave It
  • 6. Need You Bad
  • 7. Wango Tango
  • 8. Snakeskin Cowboys
  • 9. Stranglehold
  • 10. Dog Eat Dog