Studio Albums

Ted Nugent: Guitars, vocals, percussion
Derek St. Holmes: Rhythm guitar, vocals
Rob Grange: Bass
Cliff Davies: Drums, vibe, vocals

Produced by Lou Futterman and Tom Werman
A Next City Production
All selections written and arranged by Ted Nugent, except “Hey Baby,” Written and Arranged by Derek St. Holmes.

Road sound crew: John Nugent and Floyd Black
Booking agency: DMA, Detroit Michigan

Thanks to Steve McRay for keyboards and Brian Staffield and Tom Werman for percussion.
Thanks to Tony Reale and Cliff Davies for creative input way above and beyond the call of duty.
Ted’s special thanks to the Gang at Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom.

Produced for Reissue by Brian Dickinson
Mastered by Vic Anesini at Sony Music Studios, New York
Project Director: Stephen Moore
A&R Coordination: Patti Matheny & Darren Salmieri
Reissue Art Direction: Howard Fritzson
Design: Smay Vision
Photo credits: Front and back cover by Al Clayton (from original LP); page 2 © Elaine Bryant/LFI; page 7 © Ron Pownall/Starfile; booklet back cover & CD tray © Rob Alford
Packaging Manager: Aaron Rosenbaum

Special Thanks to Ted Nugent, Doug Banker and all at Madhouse Management.

Producer’s Note:
The live bonus track material is in rough mix form as it was done shortly after the original concert. We felt that these spirited performances were so strong that they more than overcame any technical imperfections. The recordings we’ve also included reveal a truly great rock ‘n’ roll band at the height of its gonzoness. Feel the power!

1990 - CD / Epic
2000 - CD / Sony
2001 - Spitfire

Ted Nugent

Ted’s first solo followed the end of the Amboy Dukes and months of hardcore touring that established him as an ax-man to be reckoned with. Many fans still consider this first record, which features singer/guitarist Derek St. Holmes, bassist Rob Grange, and drummer Cliff Davies, as one of Ted’s best studio albums.

Released: September 1975
Record Label: Epic

  • 1. Stranglehold
  • 2. Stormtroopin’
  • 3. Hey Baby
  • 4. Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • 5. Snakeskin Cowboys
  • 6. Motor City Madhouse
  • 7. Where Have You Been All My Life
  • 8. You Make Me Feel Right At Home
  • 9. Queen Of The Forest
  • 10. Stormtroopin’ (Live)
  • 11. Just What The Doctor Ordered (Live)
  • 12. Motor City Madhouse (Live)
  • 13. Magic Party