Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees

The Amboy Dukes

The Amboy Dukes’ eponymous debut album should be number one on any psychedelia collector’s list. This experimental record hangs delicately between Hendrix-esque riffs and the psychedelic feel of the early days of The Who. The track “Psalms of Aftermath” makes heavy use of the sitar, while “Colors” begins to explore the experimental guitar stylings of Nugent. Instead of featuring metal shredding that Ted became famous for in his later solo years, his style is confined to a more blues/pop vibe that works extraordinarily well with the band’s backing. Featuring seven original Amboy Dukes tracks and a few faithful covers, this record promises a fun and exciting listening experience!

Released: November 1967
Record Label: Mainstream

  • Baby, Please Don’t Go
  • 2. I Feel Free
  • 3. Young Love
  • 4. Psalms Of Aftermath
  • 5. Colors
  • 6. Let’s Go Get Stoned
  • 7. Down On Philips Escalator
  • 8. The Lovely Lady
  • 9. Night Time
  • 10. It’s Not True
  • 11. Gimme Love